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Tech Rules v5 (Two Players)

2 players | 15-30 min | 8+ years
After 10 Rounds; Be the player with the most number of points.

2 Player Screens
1 Score Track
2 Score tokens (1 for each player)
1 Round Track
1 Round Token
1st player token
3 Boards (3 by 3 grids)
1 Black Board
1 White Board
1 Final Board
42 Player units (21 for each player)
7 Swordsmen in Black
7 Archers in Black
7 Shields in Black
7 Swordsmen in White
7 Archers in White
7 Shields in White

Round Order

Simultaneous phase

Secretly, at the same time, both players deploy 1 unit on their player board. Then reveal and resolve.
Players can only deploy units into unoccupied spaces.
Deploy units like normal; unless both players deploy into the same space. If both players deploy into the same space resolve as follows:

Swords beat Shields. Shields beat Archers. Archers beat Swords.

The losing unit places their unit in any other unoccupied space.
If there are no unoccupied spaces, that player gains a bonus action in the Action phase

If both players place the same piece, repeat the deployment up to three times.
If both players tie three times in a row, then each player gains a bonus action in the Action phase.

Action phase
This phase is turn based. Players alternate who goes first. Players get one action which they may choose either:

Deploy 1 unit in any unoccupied space
Do 1 unit action
move, move and capture, kill, or stack as per unit rules below

Bonus Action phase
If a player received a bonus action they may take their turn just like in the action phase, still following turn order. (This makes sure if you go first in a round, you will always go first.)

Advance round token and alternate the starting player
Any time a player gets 3 in a rows, add 3 points per three in a row to their score immediately.
Keep track of the 10 rounds and who goes first with the player order turn tracker

Rules for Units

Worth 2 points
Move like a King in Chess
Capture like a King in Chess
“Capture” other swords or unstacked shields

Worth 3 points
Can’t move
“Kill” other archers and swords
“Kill” range is 2 spaces away (count 2 adjacent spaces)

Worth 1 point
Move like a King in Chess
Capture like a King in Chess
“Capture” other unstacked Shields and Archers
May “stack” by moving onto friendly shield
Gain 4 points when stacked max of 3 high
Stack of 2 are invulnerable to any unit

End of Game
At the end of the 10th turn count up points on the board and captured units. Highest point total wins. IF there is a tie, player with the most pieces on the board wins.


What if there are no unoccupied spaces in the simultaneous phase?
If there is no where to play or a player is forced to not play for any reason, they must play an additional unit action in part 2 of the round.

Who takes the bonus action(s) first?
If both players receive this bonus action, alternate turns. First player ALWAYS gets the first turn.

What if I can’t play in the Action Phase?
If a player is unable to do an action on the ACTION phase they must pass their action completely.

What if neither player can play in the Action Phase?
If both players are unable to do actions on the ACTION phase the game is over immediately and the score is tallied up.
Can I pass my turn?
If you can go you have to go.

What’s the difference between Capture and Kill actions?
Capture means to take an opponent's piece from the board and add it to your prison camp. The captured piece gives you its value at the end of the game.
Kill means to take an opponent’s piece from the board permanently and do not add it to your score.

Can Archers Kill units 1 space away? What is an Archer’s range?
Yes. Archers can kill other Archers and Swordsmen, never shields, anywhere on the board from any square. 2 spaces away is only important for the 4 player game on the 5x5 board.

How do Stacks work?
Stacks MAY be unstacked. Only the top of the stack can be moved and acts as a shield (may capture). Whole stacks act as a shield and may capture like shields. Stacks have a maximum of 3 high.

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