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Mutiny! Rules

Mutiny! Rules

This game where you can brawl as if you were on a pirate ship. Just as in real combat there are no turns! So, jump right in! After playing a few quick rounds, you’ll be brawling the night away!

This fast paced game is total mayhem; just like pirates on a ship!

Set up:
Begin by dealing cards. You will need to deal one more pile than there are players. Everyone grabs a pile, it doesn’t matter which! (It’s okay to choose a pile with less cards). The remaining pile is called Davy Jones’ locker. Once the last card is dealt and piles are claimed, the game begins!

How to Play:
This is a speed game. Again, there are no turns, just utter chaos. Cards that are played first get higher priority.
Keep Doubloons in your hand, play most others when you feel like it!
If you die, all your cards are discarded into Davy Jones’ locker.

Round End:
When all players are dead or when the captain or a player counts to three and no cards are played then the round ends.
All SURVIVING players then reveal their treasure and add it to their score (even if it’s zero)
All Dead pirates pay up 2 treasure from their score (not going less than zero) to play again in the next round.

When a player reaches 25 doubloons or more, the game is over. The player with the most treasure wins.

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