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GameCon (Post 3) - Game Pictures

GameCon Setup 1mb.jpg
Sample Booth Tiles 1mb.jpg

Hey Folks, here's another update on GameCon to show the game setup.

The game's theme is that players are an attendee at a gaming convention, visiting Publisher Booths (the tiles), playing mini-games, and collecting Merch (which can be used in multiple ways).

The mini-games take anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Some are 2-player competitive, some are 2-player cooperative, and others are free-for-all.

The mini-games also come in dexterity genre, social/party mini-games, or strategic mini-games.

The first picture shows the game setup, with the various publisher booths.

The second picture shows a close-up of two Publisher Booths, so you can see the sample mini-games, each complete with "Setup", "Rules", "Reward", and some "Special".

The concept came while doing a 15-minute Game Design Workshop at WashingCon, and my main inspiration was Mario Party. Players get to choose which Booth they visit. While the games start with the tiles face-down, once they are visited, they remain face-up.

Players get to choose which booth they visit, any opponents/companions, and how they use their Merch (each of which can be used in one of three ways: for their specific out-of-mini-game effect, discarded for a specific in-mini-game effect, or for Experience Points (ie VP's).

Thank you for reading my post. Do you have any thoughts?

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