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A bunch of new features released for Component.Studio

We’ve released a whole bunch of new features for https://Component.Studio:

- Boxes, Circles, Hexes, and Polygons can now use gradients and hatches as fills in addition to solid colors.

- You can now use the Overprint Black option on all visible steps.

- Added a named colors key.

- Image Grids now skip empty / null URLs rather than stopping at the first empty.

- Image Grids now allow you to specify a color in the URL field so you can add a placeholder when you don’t yet have an image.

-Tabletop Simulator cache now has time stamp on it in case you generate multiple caches within a day.

Don’t forget that you can sign up for just $4.99 per month if you use the coupon code “firstk”.

PS - We love the amazing comments we’ve been seeing about the new SVG Optimizer utility. We’ve posted one such example in the images above.

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