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Hello BGDF
I am an aspiring game designer from Saskatchewan, Canada. I played a lot of LoTR Combat-Hex growing up which is what ultimately got me trying my hand at game design (first, designing new units and later trying to design new game systems). Because I'm just shy of the arctic circle (well it feels that way sometimes), my playtester pool is very small (though very thoughtful and critical which is awesome) and my ability to attend cons non-existent.

I love history and warfare which has always drawn me to wargames/miniatures, but as I've grown up, I've realized that I enjoy the fast paced replayability of more streamlined games. So my designs tend to focus on finding a satisfying middle between games like stratego and warhammer.

Right now, I'm focused on a Medieval war-enomics game I call 4Keeps! (Pun intended). My goal is to make a truly modular/replayable/deep wargame with multiple paths to victory while keeping the complexity around settlers of catan.

Do you guys have any must-play recommendations for light-ish wargames? Also does anyone have any good resources to help with map design? (its created buy laying large squares together at random - think carcassonne meets Attack/Risk)

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Welcome to BGDF, CanucKnight!

I had similar beginnings to you, as you describe it. At a very young age I'd learned about Dungeons & Dragons, and as time went on I would cycle through the various modules as a DM, only to migrate to completely self-made material in my closing years. When I learned that I could have a satisfying experience with much less planning time, board games came to the fore. I suppose it was only natural that I would begin to design my own board games as well.

Your experiences with LotR Combat Hex remind me of my introduction to HeroScape back in the day. I would make my own layouts, followed by my own units. I would even repurpose miniatures from other games like MageKnight to devise new teams and heroes.

If you're looking for more map-making resources, I've recently been turned-on to MS PowerPoint as a quick mock-up resource. If you're looking for squares or hexes - complete with additional clipart - then it has you covered. All shapes can be quickly reproduced and maintain consistent shapes. All that would remain would be for you to print out the slides at the needed size, ideally on card stock-thickness materials. If you've a laminator, you can add durability to your materials, as well as the ability to write on them with dry-erase markers.

You may be able to use that to quickly develop prototype materials for your designs. Good luck to you! :)

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Greetings CanucKnight! Don't have too much advice for your game but I do like the title (and a good pun). Sounds like a tough challenge but one worth considering.

But thought I'd say hello as I'm from Manitoba. Always nice to meet a fellow designer from the prairies. I feel you pain regarding platesters and cons.

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Although I don't share your passion...

Wargames and miniatures are not really "my thing" - but I'm a Canadian too, well sort of (I live in Quebec)... Enough said! I live in Montreal. I think of myself as being more Canadian than Quebecois since I am more Americanized than interested in the local culture.

Welcome to BGDF ... and whatever your passion may be (mine is Card Games), hope you find like-minded people who can help design and develop the game of your dreams! (Which from my understanding sounds to be a euro-light wargame) I mean Catan has got to be one of the Eurogame classics... If you haven't played Catan, you've never experience TableTop gaming (for sure - well in my book anyways!)

Joined: 09/29/2017
Wow that's awesome, I thought

Wow that's awesome, I thought I was the only game designer up here! Good to make your acquaintances. Catan is definitely one of my inspirations. Also I recently played Scythe. I think my game is whatever genre Scythe is... a lightish euro battling game or something

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