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So I've talked quite a bit about the various micro-games, how they are unique in genre and player count/coop/competitive. While they are the core of GameCon, they are still just a piece of the game.

Players will also receive Merch (ie draw Merch cards) throughout the game. Players draw a Merch at the start of each round, and may get additional Merch through the mini-games (typically from winning mini-games).

Merch have 3 possible uses:

1. They each have a unique effect specific to that card. (For example, the Oversized Foam Weapon may force one player to give 1 Merch to another Player or lose 3 Experience.)
2. They each have an Experience Value. Players can discard Merch to gain Experience equal to their Exp Value.
3. They can be discarded for an in-game Micro-Game effect. (For example, before playing Dice Tower, each player may discard 1 Merch to either remove or add a dice to be rolled and stacked.)

The goal of the Merch Cards are to provide an interesting resource for the players, creating choices on how to use each Merch.

What do you all think of the Merch mechanic? Does it sound interesting?

Thanks for reading!

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