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Monster Keep: New Champion cards and new vision!


What new "vision"???

In addition to the NEW Sample Cards (Version 8.0), I am also introducing the nine (9) race "Market" where players will BUY "Followers" for their "Champions".

The "Market" represents each one of the Factions battling for control over the "Monster Keep".

There are Ten (10) Lords of the Keep each one with his own "Resource Bonus" and "Special Ability". That's still in design at this point...

Stay tuned... I will post an update in the next couple days...

More about the chart data

So just some additional information regarding the "format" of the charts:

  • Top Row = Good
  • Middle Row = Neutral
  • Bottom Row = Evil

  • First Column = Lawful
  • Second Column = Neutral
  • Third Column = Chaotic

If you've played D&D or have read some of the books (like the Dungeon Master's Guide or the Player Handbook) you'll be familiar with subject of "Alignment". The two (2) axis are used to define a "Champion's" Alignment.

That's why I have placed the races in that manner. The "Market" will be the same order too. And I plan to organize ALL cards using this format.

Originally I was going to do CUSTOM for each race... But I realize now that because of the "Alignment", it would be simpler to keep the same format.

If we analyze the chart...

We can see that "Evil" races for the most part are disadvantageous to "Order Human faction". With values of 0 and 1, they are probably not going to win many battles. Actually 0 stand to only lose or tie in the best case.

So it stands to say that focusing on "Good" or "Neutral" races has a better outcome for the "Order Human faction".

Then it stands to reason that a player who draws many "Order Human faction" Champions will want to stay within those two categories. And therefore the odds of "deciphering" what cards a player may have - may be possible.

Therefore what this all means that the game is becoming "more & more" strategic instead of relying on chance. Players have to balance building their army with the best possible units corresponding to their "Champions".

I will be working on completing a prototype for this version of the game (v8.0) and the game has been through many iterations. This is the seventh version of "Monster Keep".

Keep you all posted on my progress tomorrow.

Basic rules (excluding combat)

So let me give you a "basic view" of the current version of "Monster Keep".

  • Each player has a Lord and players may have the same Lord. Lords are chosen during Micro Deck Construction. Only one (1) Lord is chosen per player. The game has ten (10) Lords each with his/her own special "resource" Bonus and Special Abiliy.

  • The objective is to COLLECT 20 Victory Points (VPs) or have the most points after five (5) rounds.

  • At the start of each round, nine (9) Market cards are played into the center of play. They may be randomly chosen from a stack of more Market cards than required for play. [MARKET Phase]

  • Next one "Battlefield" card is drawn which indicates the supply of the Market. And all market cards are populated with the corresponding units for each race. [SUPPLY Phase]

  • Next one (1) player rolls three (3) White (3d6) and one (1) Black (1d6). This determines what are the possible "resources". [RESOURCES Phase]

  • Next each player draws five (5) cards from the ten (10) card "Champion" Micro Deck. These are custom decks (CCG). [CHAMPIONS Phase]

  • Then players choose how to allocate Food, Battle and Treasure "resources" based on those dice previously rolled. Each player additionally chooses three (3) out of five (5) "Champions" and puts them in play (but hidden). The other two (2) Champions are returned to each player's "Champion" Micro Deck. [SELECTION Phase]

  • The next step is players alternate buying from nine (9) Factions, each vying for control of the Keep. Using your "resources" (Food, Battle and Treasure), each player purchases "followers" for their "Champion's" army. [BUYING Phase]

  • After the buy phase comes the "much anticipated" combat. [BATTLE phase]

That's the SUMMARY up to now - What I have determined. More to come soon once I figure out more details concerning the "Battle Phase"...

Just updated with more accurate information

I removed the RPS-9 diagram in favor of the more up-to-date Champion card samples... There needs to be more playtesting to see how everything works with each of the other parts (to form a whole).

Will be working on this during the upcoming week.

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