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Opinions on Illustrations

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Joined: 10/27/2017

Hey guys!

I came to the BGDF with a project, Neighborhood, which is now called 12 Quadras ( something like 12 Blocks in portuguese).

I'm now designing the cards. I want the game to feel comfy and calm, but also visually interesting. I'm a designer, but i'm not an illustrator. Still, i'm trying to do the game's illustrations myself, in a style that I like and can craft.

But i'm too self-conscious about these, so I would like your honest opinions.

Would illustrations like these be marketable?

Joined: 03/20/2016
Hi Alexander, I think there

Hi Alexander, I think there really nice! They have a nice screen printed feel to them. I think I'm in the same boat as you as an industrial designer, I have a small amount of graphic/illustrative knowledge but i'm no artist, my one comment is they feel a little flat... perhaps a little drop shadowing?

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Joined: 04/16/2011
Too monochromatic for me

AlexanderXy wrote:
...Would illustrations like these be marketable?

Personally I think they are to "monochromatic" and much to "flat" in terms of gray coloring.

For example the two "Public" buildings are "RED". And the background is "PINK". Would look better if the building was "WHITE" and the background "CYAN" (like a normal sky). The medical cross on the building could remain "RED" and so can the building's stripe...

Then the "Pizza" place building is "CYAN". Where have you seen a "CYAN" pizza building??? I would make the building "LIGHT GREY" and again make the background "CYAN". Color the awning "RED-WHITE-GREEN" (Italian Pizzeria). Leave the windows "CYAN".

But that's just my opinion.

Note: The illustrations themselves look pretty nice. It's just the coloring that I find "weird"... But that's just my opinion.

Update: Here is a QUICK EDIT... Just showing you HOW the illustrations might be brighter. A picture says 1,000 words.

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Joined: 03/09/2016
Definitely Marketable

I'm going to play devil's advocate and say they are fine to look flat and the color choice is fine. When I initially look at them, ignoring what you said about your design background, they look intentional and professional. As for personal taste, I think using a darker color of your base colors for the line art instead of black is preferable. You can always add some more shading to negate the flat look, but flat design is a style choice, so there is no wrong art direction here. If the color palette of the game is the red, cyan, and tan, then there is no need to change the colors. I think they look great, and I would make the previously mentioned changes if the goal is to diversify the color palette and give the images a more rounded or 3D effect.

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Joined: 10/27/2017
Thanks for the replies

Thanks for the replies everybody!

I'm happy that you liked, and happy for the opinions.

@questccg, they are monochromatic intentionally, the colors are supposed to represent the type of the building, But I see why that bothers you. I may try making the buildings more varied in color and put some key elements with the type color to make it visible and understandable. In any case, I appreciate your thoughts.

My pallete is
YELLOW for happiness buildings
RED for power buildings
GREEN for money buildings

I'm also thinking about adding some subtle background details, like clouds or trees.

@jonathanflike and @JamJam52 I'm a lot more confident now! About the flat style, it was more like a result of my "workflow" than a choice, I'll try putting some more shadows, see how it looks and update you all!


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I like the illustrations for

I like the illustrations for the buildings. They give the card a light and fun feel to them. I don't know the game, but they feel appropriate (assuming it's not a heavy game).

I do agree about the monochrome. They seem one-dimensional. Have you considered matching the roof (or another aspect of the illustration or card) to a color that represents the type of building? That way the entire building doesn't have to be monochrome?

The background details will help make the buildings pop and bring more life to the card. I like that idea.

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Hey guys!

I've made some changes to the cards and illustrations. I've added more shading, hopefully making them more tridimensional without messing with perspective. I've also made some background elements that help the buildings pop outin the eye.

Here are some cards examples. Hope ya'll like it better now, I still want opinions :)

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Love it, with the risk of

Love it, with the risk of sounding cleshéd they have that extra POP to them! great stuff!

Joined: 09/06/2017
Me too

I agree that the background image gives the cards extra pop. It also makes them look like they are part of a neighborhood which is good for your theme.

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Neighborhood background

Exactly Fri! I'm thinking about repeating some background images, so that the players can feel that some buildings are close to others, thus giving the feel of a small, limited commom space.

let-off studios
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Adding the subdued buildings and trees in the background grants extra depth to the image. It definitely looks like the building in question is part of a community or city-scape. It's looking good. :)

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Though I don't know the game, I must say that I like the cards "feel". They are not necessarily realistic buildings, to be sure, but they have a pleasant feel to them. When you added the new backgrounds, it really added depth to the image, and the buildings stood out more. Nice work.


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Your new cards look very nice

Your new cards look very nice - I really like the shadows that you added behind the structures.

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