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Time Barons - Another success story from The Game Crafter Community

The Game Crafter - Time Barons - Another success story from The Game Crafter community

This photo by Eric Martin is a side-by-side comparison of the new WizKids version of Time Barons (Left) and the original self-published version from The Game Crafter.

We’re excited to see another great success story for a game that started out in The Game Crafter community and moved on to an established publisher. Congrats to the designers, Jon Perry and Derek Yu!

The Game Crafter is the best place to start your game design journey. We offer the best design tools to turn your idea into a real game and we have the biggest and best community of board game designers in the world.


Fan. Bump. Plug.

Testament also to Perry's efforts testing and travelling and testing some more.Many of us on this forum have been to events where he's been honing his products. Hope you all at GC can keep up with his newer ideas.

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