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Playing with Game Tiles

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Joined: 04/16/2011

Well I'm trying NOT to design a four (4) player only game. I guess it could be from 2 to 4 players.

But I have a challenge that I am unable to overcome.

Firstly the game uses "Game Tiles". Each player has 10 tiles (currently).

I'm not sure what I should do about "tile placement". Right now (rules are not 100% defined). Should it be a "Phase" unto itself: Players place all their tiles into the play area. Or should tiles be played in sync with the other "Phases" (or mechanics) which would be "majority area control".

I've come a long way with the tiles - and how they work with the "game".

What concerns me is "Formation": should there be a "model/layout" to follow?

I'm not sure what this ADDS to the game. Because of "Phase #2" (Area control). If players can simply "warp" to a tile and combat the opponent, it makes no sense to have a "formation"... With "warping", players can go anywhere they like...

The "Game Tiles" + "Champion" cards work pretty cool. And each battle is interesting in terms of strategy.

That being said, instead of "warping" if players needed to "traverse" some kind of "model/layout" ... seems to be "stupid": picture Player #1 wants to conquer the "Game Tile" he is on... He needs to WAIT until another player "decides" if he wants to battle and then he needs to wait until that player "arrives" to his specific "Game Tile".

The game is still an idea in "development"...

Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions/other games to check out/feedback...?


Unknown Depths
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Tile Placement Mechanic Brainstorm

My thoughts about a game where tiles can be used to build the play/explore area of a game are these:

- Player Units/Characters indicate the number of tiles to be placed at any given "Tile Placement" phase. I.E. a player's cargo vessel can only place a single tile upon entering an "unexplored area;" whereas a player's research vessel can place 3 tiles upon entering an "unexplored area."

- Game rule that all players place a single tile connecting to another player's tile at the start of the game?

- Idea of placing tiles that are not connect to one another, which would indicate that there is an unexplored region separating Units/Characters.

Just some thoughts/ideas off of the top of my head regarding tile placement possibilities when it comes to gameplay mechanics. Hopefully the brainstorm helps.

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Two phases: Construction and Conquest

What I am thinking about doing, is dividing the game into two (2) distinct PHASES:

  • Construction: Where players play Game Tiles according to a pattern dictated by a card (Level Card) and each player can play up to ten (10) tiles per level. Entry points for each player will also be defined - and you can put Game Tiles in play as you see fit.

  • Conquest: Where players move along the level - each "Champion" having a distance he can engage his opponent.

I see the game as being a bit - unfit for two (2) player duels. I can picture at a minimum of three (3) players ... but also the optimal game is four (4) players.

Each "Champion" has a RANGE stat, which determines how far the opponent can be before combat occurs.

Still just a bunch of thoughts - need ponder some more. But for now those are the ideas that I have...


Garage Gamer
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Check Out how AvP and Terminator does it.

This dilemma reminds me of the (now defunct) AvP card game. In that game each player had a number of location cards that you would place adjacent to one another and could move your characters between. Each player had their own locations in front of them, seperate from other player's locations.

So how did they join up? When a location was played that had same name as another player's location they became the same location. For example, I might have a barrack location next to my armoury location, while the other player has just a hallway location played. That player then plays an armoury location next to his hallway location. The two armouries are the same place, so the hallway is adjacent to the armoury and the armoury is adjacent to the barrack. Characters could move between these locstions.

So how does this help yoir dilemma? Well if all players have a tile or two that are the same they could either be the same location or joined via some kind of portal. Perhaps it is only via a hub or portal tile that you can go into another players tiles.

As an aside, in the AvP card game each player was forced to have certain locations in their deck so the players could actually find eachother.

Hope this helped.

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Joined: 04/16/2011
This is very interesting indeed...

AvP and Terminators "same location" is kind of what I had in mind. How I will "restrict" the distance is by specifying on each "Champion" card a RANGE of attack.

So if you are "4 Symbols away from your opponent", you could attack BUT it would mean your "Champion's RANGE" would need to be 4 or more...

Once you WIN a location, you earn Victory Points (VPs) and conquer the tile you were attacking from. That means you get a bonus (+1) when attacking from that position.

There are only nine (9) symbols, one for each Faction/Race. If you are on a Humans (Order) Game Tile, you can attack ANYONE ELSE who is on a Humans Game Tile, provided you have sufficient range to reach them.

Definitely the way I was leaning towards... Many thanks.

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