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Super-Bee v.5 - updates and issues

It's been 3 years since Super-Bee emerged as an idea. A few weeks ago I've took it out to see what was that all about. So, the new version is quite a little bit changed.

I read the previous entry about the game and it makes me laugh: "101 tokens!" holy smokes that's a lot of tokens... :)

The new version plays in 10 minutes, it's for 2-6 players and has 60 tokens: 9 x Super-Bee, 6 x Male Drone, 6 x Caterpillar and 3 x Spider Web. The rest of them are Honey Jars. It still plays with a single counter shared by all players and with a 3D dice (1-3).

The aim of the game is still to collect as much honey as possible until all the tokens on the board are removed or until one of the players fills up his inventory board.

The game has been tested extensivley, but need more blind testing on kids. It aims at players 6+, but kids under 6 got the game fairily easy. The thing they struggle with was "move in straight line", they couldn't quite grasp that they can't collect any tokens, but only some.

Some other complains were:
- too mant Super-Bee in the game;
- kids didn't like Male Drone because "it steals honey from them";

I've tested the game with less Super-Bee tokens, but then I remembered why they were so many in the first place: without them and their abilities (teleportation) the game has a "end of the game problem". This means that towards the end of the game, when are less tokens on the board, no one will go towards the remaining tokens if they know they won't collect them (that's the deal when the next player uses the same counter for his moves and takes advantage of the possition where you left the counter in your turn).

After a few games it seemed easy and quite repetitive, so I was thinking of complicating the game a bit, and add new actions to it, but it just wouldn't work.

Someone suggested the game should have a double faced board, with a level up version on the other side. I'm still debating on that and it's yet to be tested.

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