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Super-Bee 15.01.2018

I was redoing the rules and I've realised that I managed to get everything in exactly 2 pages! That was my initial goal to make a simple game with rules that are not written on tens of pages. I know from experience that, if a game has a thick rule book, I am dragging playing it. Especially with a game aimed at children, it's really hard to get them at the table for too long. So, explaining the game in a couple of minutes and play it in 10, it's just perfect.

Changes and ideas:
1. I am taking into consideration some feedback that questioned the abundance of Super-Bee tokens in the game (9). So, I will reduce their number to 6 (same as Caterpillar and Male Drone tokens);
2. I will introduce 3 tokens that will allow players to swap tokens during the game;
3. Test if buying discarded tokens with honey is something that can be achieved.

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