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Anyone else receive Grimm Forest, GKR Heavy Hitters, or Rising Sun?

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Joined: 12/19/2017

In one week I've received 3 of the 5 games I backed on Kickstarter last year. Super exciting. Has anyone else received theirs and played yet? What are your thoughts on the games?

I received Grimm Forest last Friday and have played it 3 times so far. Once with my wife and son and twice with my lunchtime game group at work. I really enjoy it. My son did as well. My wife really disliked it. She thought it was too easy to predict where other players were going to go based on what house they were currently building. But I think it's because that's the way she was playing. She would build one at a time so it was easy to know where she was going. She also didn't take many Fable cards which the lunchtime group found really fun to use. I want her to give it another try but she judges games pretty quickly unfortunately. The production quality is top notch. Great looking minis and the game trayz are perfect. It's a good game and I want to play it a lot more. Just not with my wife I guess. LOL

I received GKR Heavy Hitters yesterday so I haven't had a chance to play it. But I did spend about an hour last night figuring out how to fit all the stretch goal and add on content I got into the core box. I posted some photos on imgur on how I did it if you are curious.

This is another game that looks gorgeous and the components are top notch. Grimm Forest definitely spoiled me in the tray department though because GKR could definitely use a better storage solution in the box.

Lastly, just this morning, my neighbor (who comes to my game nights) texted me that he opened a package that arrived at his house and new immediately it was mine. It was Rising Sun. So I know what I'll be doing tonight ... opening it up and oogling all my new minis.

All of a sudden I have 3 games with gorgeous minis. Along with my old copies of HeroQuest and Battle Masters, I really need to learn how to paint minis!

Now my only problem this weekend is figuring out which game to learn and play first!

So did anyone else get any of these games. Would love to hear your thoughts?

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