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Tricolor Flags - 9-Card Solitaire Microgame



I know I don’t make the heaviest of games, but this is a simple and portable puzzle game that also teaches you some of the world’s tricolor (and tribals) national flags. The game reminds me of a Rubik’s Cube.

The cards have a color on

The cards have a color on each side, I take it? So that PDF is three cards? And the back of color A is always B?

9 cards

The two pages comprise the front/back of 9 cards, 3 of each color combination; 3 blue/green, 3 white/yellow, 3 red/orange.

I have updated the PnP Cards with cross hairs at the intersection points to distinguish between the 9 cards and help when cutting them.


I updated the rules and flag list.

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