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What are your favorite simple card games?

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Lately I've been trying to wade into the realm of easy, simple card games for my designs. Unfortunately my breadth of simple card games is pretty slim.

What are your favorite light card games that would be fitting for someone looking for good design ideas? Things along the lines of Love Letter, Hearts, etc.


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Card games I know/Trick taker thread

The Great Dalmuti lightest card game I know. People tend to like this one because it can be played while drinking. Red 7 is only slightly more complicated but much more interesting. Rook is a straight forward classic game that has some interesting bidding/hidden information. If your open to games that include tokens you can take a look at Zen Masters and No Thanks. Both are very simple. Games on the more complicated end of the scale are Tichi, Haggis and Lexio. (Lexio is actually a tile game but it could just as well be cards)

Also there was a recent thread about trick takers I am sure that you can find some good info there:

Games I could not spell and had to look up:

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Some Suggestions

I enjoy Little Devils. Trick-taking game where the object is to avoid collecting certain cards. Also has a dynamic trick-winner mechanic based on the player who immediately follows the player who started the trick.

I play Phase 10 with my relatives all the time. Appropriate for as few as 2 players, and accommodates a wide age range. Incidentally, I don't recommend the dice version, because the mechanics are radically different and experienced players will likely decimate less-experienced opponents.

Sushi Go! is an excellent introduction to card drafting games for a broad age range.

If you can find it, Slide 5 is a great table game for larger groups.

Another interesting oldie-but-goodie is David & Goliath:

Finally, my favourite board game ever ever ever is Incan Gold/Daimant which isn't entirely a card game but the main mechanic depends on cards. Decision-making is simple, but there is SO MUCH involved in choosing either to stay or go. I love this game pretty much above all others and I introduce it to new players all the time.

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Card games I like

Some of the simple card games that I really like to play are
-The Original Wizard Card Game
-The resistance

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No Thanks! is extremely

No Thanks! is extremely simple, and quite a fun filler card game.

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Favorite simple card games

-Sushi Go (a great one!)
-Love Letter (is a staple game in my opinion)
-Palm Island (recently backed on kickstarter and made a PnP... Love this one!)
-3 Wishes (simple game of hidden information)
-Avignon (wallet game from Buttonshy. Simple, quick and fun!)
-Dead Man's Draw (Probably my favorite on this list!)
-Fox in the Forest (Favorite trick taking game!)
-Fugitive (Great 2 player game. Extremely simple, lots of fun!)

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