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Heroes & Treasure Kickstarter is LIVE

Very exciting.

If you'd like to see, it's at:

If you'd like to see it on BGG (and I could use your clicks..) it's at:

Thanks for any support, moral or otherwise!


Good Stuff!

I've already pledge my support...

Hoping you reach that 300 to 400 marker of KS backers!

Thanks! The hardest part will


The hardest part will be the stretch goals for BGG stuff.. my target audience probably doesn’t have accounts there.

Hmm... that's a good way to engage!

Perfect context to engage your KS backers... Ask QUESTIONS! See if people understand the BGG stretch goals... Do backers have questions?! Maybe provide custom links in the comments to facilitate...

Hold a poll asking how many backers are on BGG, etc...

Get into the KS experience, dig in... Start a dialog with backers.

Don't be boring and just sit there and wait and see... Engage. Pinpoint one backer who doesn't have a BGG account and walk him through the process of GETTING an account... It's simple.

Shake it up! Cheers.

Can I run a poll through the

Can I run a poll through the website? Or just asking for text responses?

Use Google Forms

Here is the link:

There is even a Games/Cards Template (2 I believe)... And just POST the URL link to the FORM...

You can also ask for text responses...

But IF you do this, create AN UPDATE and then have people COMMENT on the UPDATE instead of polluting the main comment link will some people asking questions or commenting, versus people who may need HELP with creating a BGG account, how to become a FAN of the game, etc...

If you have trouble with Google Forms, let me know... I've used it for my Facebook page a while back too... So I have "some" experience using it. It's pretty straight forward too!



Over halfway now. Starting to feel good about things :) and only like a half dozen of the buyers are people I know..

You can also use BGG message for a POLL!

I forgot ... You can use a BGG message for a POLL too! Might be even EASIER than using Google Forms.

All you do is create a Message Thread in your games "General Forum" and in the message itself choose the POLL option and it will display you the information such as the Question and the Poll options too.

It's pretty easy to do too... And since you already have your KS Backers as BGG members, you just provide another link and mostly EVERYONE (those on BGG) will know how to answer your poll...

Just one word of advice... Don't answer the POLL "youself". This allows you to see the question AND view the POLLs responses.


$10k in 7 days (Week #1)

Just figured I'd share this next update concerning the KS... $10k in 7 days (Week #1)... FANTASTIC.

Although things have slowed down... You're still on the bubble and hoping to get about $300 per day for the next 25 days (total = $7,500 USD). Which would leave about $500 in the last 72 hours of the campaign.

Definitely room for some "Stretch Goals" too... Maybe 1 or 2 depending on how funding goes...

Good stuff!

Yeah, still moving forward,

Yeah, still moving forward, slowly. However, I'm optimistic enough to have my artist working on some things we'll need :) (like the box cover art)


150 pledges so far. Obviously a few of them are for like $1, but still.

Moving forward!

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