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The Chronicles of Ollundra: Tactical Miniatures Game

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Hi Guys,

My names Craig and I'm the owner and lead designer of Composite Games Limited.

So I've been looking at developing a miniatures based game set within my fantasy setting "The Chronicles of Ollundra" for a while.

And as were currently looking at filming a 5 minute short film to introduce some of the character we decided that a tabletop game would fit this really well.

This led to the creation of the Chronicles of Ollundra: Tactical Miniatures Game.

I'll be posting more details of this over the coming days but today I just wanted to start a blog to cover the games development.

Speak to you soon



Welcome to bgdf

It’s been an amazing journey to have been following you, your team and all of the projects and people you have met on the film production of The Girl with the Mark. That was a very cool web series.

I saw your Facebook post about the newest miniatures for your game. Just brilliant looking. If you wanted painted, I know a miniature painter that I have been following for years now on Facebook. I’ll send you a message on Facebook message about the painter if you want to see his work.

Nice to see ya here Craig. Great job on all of the work you have put time in. It shows.

Creator of Dymino Monsters / Beyond The Horizon 4th Wall Comedy Pun Webseries and it’s spinoff series Beyond The Stars

Jesse F.

Thanks for the welcome. Nice

Thanks for the welcome.

Nice following your project too.

For now I'm looking for painters based in the UK.

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