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HOLY CRAP! I found my way back to the fold

StormGate Special Edition Stones
StormGate Standard Edition

It's been ... hell, 3yrs at least since my last post. FanExpo 2014 in Toronto was the last time I recall posting in here. I missed this community so much. I've been working, I've been thinkering, I've been building and I've got so much to tell.

First and foremost, I'm heading to my second Cottage CountryCon in Central Ontario (North of Toronto). It's at Rotary Place in Orillia and the show is on June 23-24. I did well at the show's inaugural year, and they are putting it on again. This time in a larger location in the same city. I have 2 just under 2 weeks to get ready.

Last year I was able to showcase my 4 games: Word-a-Bout, NUPUGA, StormGate and Inside 7 (which was still in development). This year I'm going to be showcasing and selling custom boards I created for StormGate. Also have 10 decks of Word-a-Bout to be sold at the show. Pretty excited to say the least. I wasn't able to find a vendor to produce a cost effective version of NUPUGA yet, so for now it's still just the demo set that will come with me. As for Inside 7, same thing applies. It will be there for show but nothing much doing on the sales side. I figured I might as well bring Imperial Court as well since I have the playtest proto ready to go. To find out more about these games I've mentioned, visit my profile.

More updates to come.

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