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Super Bee news update Illustrator Job

Super-Bee playtesting with 6 couters

Hi guys and gals. Since I've posted the job for an illustrator we received a lot of interested from talented people. We want to thank you all and let you know what is happening.
1. The job is still on and we are still waiting for portfolios from people interested in the job;
2. At the end of the month (June 2018) and beginning of the next, we will have a look through all the portfolios received and decide if, and which, are suited for our little project.
3. If we get more than one illustrator suited for the project we will contact them and discuss further details (budget, brief, etc.) and if all of the boxes are ticked then we will proceed and start the process.
4. If at the end of this month we have no suited collaborator, we will repost the job with more details about the project, we will advertise for the job on as many channels as possible and we will actively ask illustrators if they would want to participate.

If you have any suggestions please let us know. We really want to get "Super-Bee!" into the world for as many children and parents to enjoy and have fun together.

When this stage will be complete other interesting things will happen and we have more surprises to reveal.

We want to make "Super-Bee!" a high quality product with beautiful art and lots of fun nights playing with our children.

Please don't be strangers and leave us your thoughts. We promise we won't sting! :)

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