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1st Game, Mechanics and Rules (Even a picture!)

First Game Iteration

Well, Hello Again!

Time for my second blog post.

In this post, we will be diving into greater details of my game.

Just get on with it, you say! Fine fine; and away we go!

Let's see what kind of game mechanics my unnamed game with be using:
-Deck Building
-Character Building
-Conflict, Construction, and Escalation
-Hand Management
-Player Elimination
-Set Collection
-Take That

Quite a bit of mechanics going into one little game, isn't there?

Here are the rules I have written so far:

1. Shuffle cards really well.
2. Deal Character card to each player.
3. For a 2 player game, take out the sidekick cards from the Character deck.
-For 3 or more players, use all of the character cards.
-The Character Card you are dealt is the character(s) you're creating.
4. Deal 5 cards per player from the 2nd (haven't come up with a name for this deck
yet) deck.
5. Players will look at the cards in their hands.
6. Place the remaining cards in the 2nd deck into a draw pile.
7. Player with the Hero card will go first.

1. You can play up to 2 cards on your turn
A. You must play an Abdomen card to start building a character.
-Abdomen cards are always in landscape, while the rest of the body parts
are in portrait.
B. Add strength to your characters by adding body parts.
2. Try to build as many characters as you can to better your chances of winning.
{TIP} You don't have to complete a character to start building another, but you can't switch body parts once you started building on.
3. In your hand, you may have Action Cards.
-Use these cards to mess your opponents up.
-The action on the card is the action you, or your opponent, will take.
4. The Sidekick Character player can choose to team up with either the Villain or
Hero at the beginning of the round, but not once it has started.

1. On your turn, you will play 2 actions.
2. Drawing a card or playing a card is an "Action".
3. If you can't play 2 cards, you can draw a card instead.
4. There is no maximum or minimum number of cards you can have in your hand.
5. When the Draw pile is completed, the round is over.

I do plan on this gaming a 1-? (haven't play tested how many or how young yet, but I have tried it with 4 players and it worked well).

I have started writing the rules for a single player game, but I haven't finished that yet.

I have included a picture of the very first iteration of this game that i play tested a week ago. The drawing underneath it is a special character I'm working on for the game. (I'm putting my daughter in the first game as a gift to her). I'm currently working on the 2nd iteration I will be having blind play tested and plan to have that finished within the next few days, so keep an eye out for that!

Any and all thoughts on my game so far are welcome!




You've played Bears vs.

You've played Bears vs. Babies, I assume?

You seem to have left out the bit about what the goal is, and how you win.

Jay103 wrote:You've played

Jay103 wrote:
You've played Bears vs. Babies, I assume?

You seem to have left out the bit about what the goal is, and how you win.

I have not played Bears Vs Babies, but I have watched it played on youtube.

The goal is to create as many characters as your can, gaining points with each one (each character card has point on it, making the strongest character the one with the most points). Through Action Cards, you will be able to tear down other player's characters and other fun little things. ;)


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