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*** Warning contains Movie spoilers for The Avengers: Infinity War ***

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If you've ever collected comic books, you'll probably remember that in some comics, the Heroes don't always WIN the battle and save the day.

But Marvel Studios has been making Comic-Book Movies for over a decade now and you've never seen the "good-guy" lose...

Well I am shocked! I saw The Avengers and can't believe that Thanos WINS! He defeats The Avengers, kills a ton of people in the process and ultimately wipes out HALF the known Universe!

I was not prepared for this outcome... Everyone was thinking, "of course The Avengers will beat him, it's just a matter of time..." But the Super Heroes FAIL in this movie. They come very CLOSE to defeating him, but emotions of anger get in the way as Peter Quill (From the Guardians of the Galaxy) loses his cool and enrages Thanos enough to prevent him from losing his Magical Glove.

Obviously the ending spells HUGE "sequel" ... because the ending is very open-ended. You know there will be another The Avenger's Movie ... just how it ends. Even Thanos' victory is questionable as he made so many sacrifices... And he is taken to another plane of existance where he meets young Gamora...

Definitely a very surprising ending ... which leads everyone to believe that there is more to come (in some shape or form).

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Superhero Films

Sounds like you enjoy these comic book hero stories...! :)

The last Marvel movie I'd seen at the cinema was Iron Man 2, followed by the DC offering of The Watchmen: Director's Cut on DVD. After seeing them both in the same summer, I decided to swear them off for a few years. I'm just not interested in those kinds of films. Or rather: I'm not interested in seeing the original comic book stories told in such a way. I personally think they generally do the books a disservice (with only one noted exception in recent memory, and neither of the above mentioned films was it). It's strictly a personal preference thing.

When it comes to the Infinity Gauntlet and sure-to-come Infinity War series, I hold them in special reverence: my favourite character for a long time was Silver Surfer and I have a special place in my heart for the Marvel cosmic-themed stories in particular, thanks in large part to Jack Kirby's influence.

Long story short: I'd rather stick with the impression I have in my head about how it worked out, as opposed to the cinematic re-telling. Again, this is strictly a matter of personal preference.

Here's to much more enjoyment from super hero films for everyone in the future. :)

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I hear you!

let-off studios wrote:
Sounds like you enjoy these comic book hero stories...! :)

Well I have NetFlix and so I've watched the two (2) Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor and Thor Ragnarok, Doctor Strange, Captain America (1 and 2)...

And I didn't collect Comic-Books — Well technically that's not true. I collected "Richie Rich", "Underdog", "Little Monsters", etc. I had a ton of those comics... I wasn't really much into Superheroes ... but my friends would spent all their paper-route money on them each month (because the comics were monthly).

I understand that the "stories" were more involving because they put out a TON of comics with a bunch of different Superheroes. So comics cannot compare to the "Marvel Studio" movies.

But if you like Superheroes, and have not read too many comics, the movies are "entertaining". I would say that most of the Marvel movies are generally better made with known actors/actresses that a lot of other movies (Dramas). I personally don't like to watch dramas... The last one with Matt Daemon in "Downsizing" was a HORRIBLE movie.

And so I'll stick to not going to see DRAMAS — Unless they are of the Superheroes kind.

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