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Down The Rabbit Hole, A Reflection on my Journey into Game Design, Part 2, The Realisation

Down The Rabbit Hole,
A Reflection on my Journey into Game Design, Part 2, The Realisation.

Last time i spoke about how over a year ago I started designing my first game with delusions that i was going to make the next huge hit and sit on top of the Kickstarter most funded page. After a multitude of mediocre games and a few good ones i have finally made one i am quite proud of. It probably won't win a spiel des jahres, it probably won't make me rich and it probably won't be in most of your top games list. However, through this process i've learnt a lot about game design and how creating a game is another form of artistic expression and that being a million dollar kickstarter project is not the be all and end all of game design (although it would be nice). So far my greatest achievement in game design came from one moment of play testing when my wife had just beaten me at my own game. She looked at me with a big grin and said "I really enjoyed that, lets play again". I cannot describe that moment. The smile beaming across her face made me realise that is what game design is about!

Don't get me wrong, up until now i wasn't designing purely thinking i was going to make money. I love the puzzle of designing a balanced game and getting those creative juices flowing. Trying to create something new and beautiful beautiful like any other artist. Though i guess up until now i was just enjoying finger painting like a toddler. But in hearing that one sentence i felt like i had created a masterpiece.

It may not seem that significant and i'm sure you have all had similar experiences. But it is oh so rewarding! This is why we make games.

Good luck in your game designs!


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