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BGDF Discord?

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Experimental Designs
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Joined: 04/20/2013

I'm not sure if this is an idea entertained already by the folks who run this forum.

So any takers? Yay or nay?

I think it's a good platform if people want to test things out on the fly since there are so many dice bots out there for Discord to test new mechanics.

Just a thought and maybe a way to grow the community.

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Joined: 12/26/2009
convince me

It's a tough one. Discord is all the hotness right now, where Slack was a few years ago. In either case, I still need to be convinced that a completely separate chat would actually grow the community here on the site, rather than grow on its own and subsequently grow apart.

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Joined: 12/11/2015

I'm with Rich on this one. I've joined a few game design related Discord servers and they all seem to be firehoses of noise. I think that they could be really useful for quick discussions for some people, but they're way worse for more considered discussion than a forum system like BGDF.

I too suspect that setting one up wouldn't really enhance the BGDF experience, and for those of us who want that sort of discussion environment, there are plenty of options. For instance, Gabe's BDGL has a reasonably lively Discord server.

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Joined: 06/14/2018

Yes, I agree. Discord is all the rage right now but I have not had very much productive experiences with Discord and Game Design. Usually there are a few people who dominate the conversation and it's usually off topic stuff. I think if there was a BGDF Discord it would have to be heavily moderated and that sounds like a full time job to me.

Joined: 07/23/2018
Please put down those pitchforks

Hi folks, I'm new here but I think I can offer a well-rounded perspective. Forums and live chat both have their benefits.

Forums are great for slower-moving discussions and topics, for hosting long-form writing such as tutorials, game reviews, and articles, and for linking directly to that content.

Live chat is great for faster-moving conversations, e.g. a back and forth brainstorming session about refining a particular game mechanic. It's great when you have a quick question and need an answer on the order of seconds, not hours.

Board gaming discord servers have provided me invaluable advice on many areas of board game design and prototyping. In return, I've given well-received feedback on graphic design and gameplay mechanisms. I learned about Dice Ruler, a sweet mod for TTS that I'm now using in my digital prototype. And through Discord I've found this great site, so yeah I guess blame Discord for this dissenting opinion. :P

I'm not arguing for a BGDF discord. There are MANY board game discords already, and unnecessary fragmentation damages a community. Here's a sample of more design-oriented servers: Pangea Games Tabletop Collaboration and Design Board Game Design Lab (the podcast) Kickstarter Table Top Games (not as design-oriented, but still relevant)

Give it a shot and have fun. Discord is ultimately just a means of communication, much like this forum. Use it for what it's best at, and it will become an indispensable part of your toolset.

EDIT: Discord could even drive traffic to this site and encourage more discussion and activity here. If you join a discord and find others looking for things like the game design showdown or other features of this site, send them this way. It would be great if every designer knew about these wonderful resources (both forums and live chat) so they could use the ones that best met their needs.

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Test post on notifications

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If it is more useful for

If it is more useful for immediate discussion, maybe it could be useful for some specific activities like live playtesting. Some people are testing another person's prototype and they are discussing live what is hapenning and asking for rule clarifications to the designer.

I don't know all the capabilities of discord, I think it support Audio right?

Many years ago, I joined a local group of gamers to create a podcast and I ended up participating in 3 "shows", one was a round table about a subject, another one was a duo about game design. And finally a game design challenge show that we gave to people and ourselves. We made a few episode and we had to stop.

With discord, maybe we could create some sort of live podcast where the participant does not sit in the same room. We could choose a subject of discussion, define a date and time and simply talk about it. There is no montage to make since it's live, so less work ... but more errors.

That is another idea of possible application. Now, I think it could be useful if you have a list of specific applications it could be used for. But dressing up that list should be done first.

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I'd be game to give it a go

I'd be game to give it a go

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