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EVERGREEN VALLEY - A sandbox life simulation card game. - Home Cards


Good evening all!

Another snapshot update today with the focus on home cards.

The image linked showcase the 6 new basic home cards. The cards are not the most interesting options at the moment as the goal was to provide basic gameplay before adding exciting additions. Two primary weeks not seen here but related are as follows:

+Action based turns.
+Home cards can level up instead of using separate skill cards.

In the first demo play testing I found that it was too easy allowing unlimited use of certain card attributes so instead you are now limited to one action per turn and one use cards. Gameplay is more interesting and directed as a result and you are encouraged to use a variety of household options to progress.

Also discovered was that skill cards (Cooking seen above) are not a valuable addition and can be streamlined and made more complex by being added to the home cards themselves. For example you will be able to level up cooking, the toolbox and cleaning area to provide various benefits rather than having separate skill cards carrying out those roles!

More soon,



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