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The (re)usage of walls

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Long story short.
I am experimenting with the usefulness of walls.
After walls, meat units are next by the same idea. All the way to support units.

And the idea is that players may target anything on the board. As long as it is in range. This rule is more loyal to most RTS games. And takes away a big weight of complexity.

NORMAL version:
-Walls block projectiles for the hex they are standing on.
-Walls block movement for the hex they are standing on.
-Wall size is a factor.

OLD version:
-Is the same as the normal version. But size didn't matter.

-Walls do not block projectiles.
-Walls still block movement for the hex they are standing on.

What other function could walls have?
(-Reduces opponents range by 1, X, distance?)

Looking into RTS. I see no other good answer.
Except for creating a blockade and reducing range.
What else is out there?


Consequences for the time being.

Obviously support units are the first victims now. But they are rebalanced in such a way that they can do their job. In other words, they will be doing a bit more damage.

Meat units get the same benefit of the rebalance. But they get more health instead.

Normal units remain normal.

Walls are now even cheaper. But have lost their most important function. Their function to protect.


If range reduction is THE answer.
Then any unit could take this function.
The cheaper costs would not be needed any more.

The difference with the OLD game would be that any hex behind the hex with walls is now protected.

Artillery gets a little bit more useful this way as well. Seeing as not only certain terrain blocks projectiles, but opponents as well.

But I would be replacing one rule with another. Given, the rule would be simpler after change.

With this logic, terrain too will finally be simplified in stopping projectiles by reducing range.


So... any more idea's to add and test?
I have the feeling I am forgetting something.

Rick L
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Can walls be destroyed?

Can walls be destroyed? Rebuilt?

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Rick L wrote:Can walls be

Rick L wrote:
Can walls be destroyed? Rebuilt?

Yes. Even used for training your own.

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The more I think about it.

The more I think about it. The more I get the feeling that a board game can't copy RTS in this regard.

If walls get the block option. Then other units should get it too. And thus the game is unchanged in that part.

Changing from protecting one hex to any hex behind except for that one hex. Would make more sense.
And approaching the opponent would mean an 'at least' 2 squad movement.
But standing right behind a wall for cover is lost this way. Just like in RTS.

Would it make sense to get rid of the size rule as well in this regard? (Size rule: one can only take cover behind an object that is equal or bigger in size. Sum of several objects works as well)

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Is this any good?

While in the normal game it was 100 percent sure to have the wall as target. Unless you played an event card that told otherwise.

What I could do is allowing any target. But letting the player roll a die per projectile. And if 2-3/6th is a semi miss. Then the defending player can point to any target.

This way, the defending player can re-distribute the damage. Preferably walls to begin with. Of course other meat targets can also take a hit. But even support could take a hit if needed by choice. But anything can be targetted now. I will test with 2 out of 6 as chance.

But also 3 out of 6.

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Results (?)

-Size doesn't matter.
-3/6th feels best.
-Cover discussion is not needed, faster gameplay.
-Slightly better AP list design.

-One unit seems to be covering behind multiple walls. Last minute change is that the target that the defender picks. Will get selective incomming fire from the attacker. And will take untill it is done or dead. Bit I am not sure about this.
-Less functional Event Cards. They need redesign and rebalance if I go through.
-Redesign of unit prices has to be reconsidered or cancelled.

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The biggest problem. Is that

The biggest problem. Is that it is too random. The strategy isn't strong enough.

If walls can't get any other use than blocking movement. The change towards RTS style will not be implemented.

It is to bad though. It would have been awesome to do so. But at least I learned something regarding RTS themselves.

Edit (laughable side effects of the now considered stupid idea):
The game change on other aspects was way to big.
-Adjusted size usage got halved. Especially the bigger units, which are of no use any more.
-Melee got used more, because...
-Range usage actually got halved. And as a result...
-Terrain effects didn't matter much any more either.
-While artillery where blooming. But they are supposed to support where normal support doesn't work.
-Any fix for walls didn't do much. Support units for everyone!

So yeah, the initial idea is not for a board game. At least, not the game that I have designed.

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