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I have an new A.I. system,you may like to tryout

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A.I. system

it revolves around a rotating set of 4 chits

a randomizer / A.I.

for any game, the details are on the PNG, you have 4 chits with an icon on each edge, in the centre of each chit is a dice number, each turn you roll 4 dice and rotate the chits if their dice is the same as the ones rolled, then check the centre edges of each chit for actions you can do this turn, the chits can be for different aspects of the game like magic or combat or healing etc...

the icons starting at 12oclock right edge, the 3oclock, 6 and 9 give your four icons choices, this can be narrowed further by what part of the game your in such as combat. but the icon list can vary to suit , you can have all 8 external edges or 8 internal edges or flipped chits etc...

the icons can mean many things and can be swapped with other game chits to form new lists, you can hotswap in a game to mix it up or because of a chaos roll.

you can have more than one set of 4 chits for different parts of the game, or different situations, giving you extra flavour.

you can flip single chits, you may do this for melee or ranged fire.
the idea is you create your own chits to suit the type of game your playing.

you could also have two chits interacting with each other like hand and bow, or hand and lock, or magic and sword. this should give some flavour

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Looks neat

This looks like a neat randomizer, but to be an AI it would need some rules to tailor its actions to the current situation. Maybe you intended that and it just falls under the "flipping chits for different parts of the game" idea.

For example, something like chits flipping based on whether an enemy is adjacent or not, or whether an ally is adjacent or not, with some guidance on which action to take if more than one is valid.

Sounds like the beginning of a good system, just needs to be tuned properly to a particular game.

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Thanks Frank, I've been

Thanks Frank, I've been thinking when using a sword then flipping for a bow, or if injured flipping.

I was thinking about a ww2 game where one chit would have transport options etc...

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No doubt that this will work

No doubt that this will work for various games.
And spark new idea's in other designers.

But how strong is this AI?

Is it able to cope with the decisions of players? Or will it just randomize events? I can't tell by first glance.

Games that have the best AI have either a set of best actions that the AI can take and then randomly selects one.
It randomly selects a list of actions. And then the best action is picked.

It really depends on the game mechanics too.

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it randomizes the events it

it randomizes the events it has, this is all the icons relavent to the game, then due to game events like being injured one of the 4 chits that has its combat ability will be flipped to a less effective side.

so it randomises the game events possible.

then if a situation occurs it flips a chit, changing the interactions between chits, eg two sword and a hand icons on separate chits may appear often, but if hero is injured the one with the hands on is flipped so less hands available to interact with sword. so it now randomises a new set of icons but its because of an event.

Joined: 08/30/2018

its now on a proper site, both print & app versions

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