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WW2 Base Dice game like Yatzee

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dungeon crawler

WW2 Base attack Dice game like Yatzee, see pic for rules and board. this game can easily be redone for any type of game

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I Like This

Nice work in coming up with a minigame "gauntlet." And I agree with you about it being applicable to nearly any theme, setting, etc. The interesting thing is the progression within a column, so it doesn't even have to indicate physical objects or locations, but states (such as 25% complete, 50% complete, 75% complete, and 100% complete).

I think another aspect to this type of game that makes it more dramatic would be the addition of a timer of sorts. For example: "destroy the HQ in 10 turns."

Other things to mix it up:

  • Discard a die from their die pool on any turn in which they didn't defeat any objective.
  • if they switch columns, they lose a die.
  • the die pool they have for a given column is based on the number of objectives they've defeated in that column. In this case, the row the player is attempting to defeat indicates the number of dice they'll have in their dice pool. They would need to choose the column they want to "attack" at the start of their turn.
  • Achieving certain objectives allows the player some bonus/mitigator to their dice throws/results. "Flip one die" or "add/subtract 1 from a die" would be useful, and would frequently give players sub-objectives to pursue. By putting these bonuses on chips or tokens that are face-down until claimed, you could add occasional penalties to the mix as well, adding drama and uncertainty to the assortment.

Again: good work, MarkA!

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that's fantastic material to

that's fantastic material to be thinking about,to nudge the numbers by one is flipping great idea. switching colum and timers all great ideas. thanks.

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I have the idea of a Jail,

I have the idea of a Jail, where your dice get captured, and if you break into the Jail you release all your captured dice.

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