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Need Much Help!!

Hello - I'm new to this blog and I'm extremely happy I came across it. Especially at this highly crucial time for me.
I'm in the prototype phase of a new board game and I'm trying to acquire the things I need to have a prototype for my kickstarter campaign.

I have a board, dice, game pieces, timer, scoresheets and homemade printed colored cards (red, yellow and green cardstock).

I'm trying to find a company or companies to help me create a box and a tray both to my specifications.

I've tried some but they're looking for quantities I don't need. As I stated I'm at the prototype phase and need an extreme minimum qty.

Can anyone provide guidance for me? Any and all would be graciously welcomed.

Thank You


the game crafter is quite

the game crafter is quite good (but they can be a bit pricey)

when you say its for a prototype... do you mean for playtesting, in which case any craft store will have boxes, or is your game finished and you need a box to pitch with, i would still go cheap for this, or is the box for selling your game in (ie you have the rest in your spare room and you need to put it together to send out).

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