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Ambal Tournament - Customizable Card Game, 1vs1 or 2vs2, simultaneous turns.

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Ambal Card Back _ Final Design (Web).jpg
Card layout (sketch)

Hi all, I've been developing my first card game for a couple of months now and would be great to have some feedback. Started testing with friends and on Tabletopia as well.

The idea of this card game came from skills and builds mechanic from online RPGs. I've always had fun choosing which skills to take to combat and see how well the synergies, so basically you build you deck in which each card is a skill and fight for your life!
My plan is to release sets of cards to introduce more skills, new types of skills and new mechanics.

Lore and what is the Ambal Tournament
The game is set in the land of Ambal in a world created by Mother Nature with the help of Primeval Spirits. I've got inspiration from western pre medieval, shintoism and buddhist cultures to shape a world governed by nature, spirits and energy. The Ambal Torunament was created by the humans so people could compete and show their strength, skill and wisdom to promote a share of knowledge and form an elite to protect the land (imagine something like the Olympics, more of a friendly competition).

Main features:
- Pre game deck building
- Simultaneous turns
- No monsters, just skills
- 1vs1 or 2vs2

For a full explanation check the rules:
The player will build a deck of 20 skills (cards), one of the is an Elite Skill, using up to two Schools of Knowledge (Fire Magic, Water Magic, Assassination Path and Sword Path).
Skills can be Skills, Actions or Spells. In addition they can also be Curses, Boons or Elite. (For example, an Elite Action or a Curse Spell).
With this skills you can damage, block, evade or interrupt your opponent. As well as placing buffs on yourself (Boons) or debuffs on your opponent (Curses).

The use of skills is simultaneous, with each player placing one skill faced down and revealing them at the same time to see how the combat develops and repeating this until they run out of energy that turn.
You can cause Conditions (Poison, Burn and Bleed) to deal damage over time.

I've made some decks to be used on Tabletopia, here's a list of the cards on each deck:

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Update 2

Now it can be played at Tabletopia:

Made a flavor text for two of the Schools of Knowledge available.

Fire Magic
Combat Style: High damage skills and burning masters, these sorcerers try to build their energy fast while taking big chunks of health from their opponents.

Ash Wisdom
“An unquieting sense, exalting desire for expansion and change will bestow transformation, creation and destruction. Unchecked, this energy might become rampant and deadly like a wildfire, although with proper training the heat will inspire the soul providing power and comfort whilst the inner flame becomes eternal, as an unshakable faith, and foes tremble before its precise devastation. Become a creator of ashes, responsible for purification and transforming what's corrupt, so the new can prosper.”

Water Magic
Combat Style: Specialized in slowing their opponents and laying curses. These spell casters prove resilient with their arsenal of healing and protection skills, gradually harming foes.

Aqua Poise
“Submerged in the vast and empty waterbody it is easy to feel lonely and deserted, until the realization that all around is energy, transforming energy that moves the world. Like a new life, a single drop in the ocean might cause a wave of purification or a devastating tidal force. The melting snow and running rivers cleanse the fortunates in their path, like a great mind and pure soul should do to others through its life. From vapor to liquid to ice, aligning with this energy means finding a way no matter the circumstances, enduring slowly and gracefully.”

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hi. i like your twist on the

hi. i like your twist on the ccg, making yourself the one doing battle. but i do have a couple of observations after a quick glance.
1) you have used the term "skill" twice. as the general thing you do and a subtype. change one of them to "ability" or "power" or somthing similar.
2) your lore is ok but i would concentrate on the mechanics and gameplay first. i think most designers a guilty of this (i have spent too many hours on google images when i should have been doing real work on my game)
3) as much as i like a ccg they are unlikely to succeed today. they tend to die unless you can build a critical mass of players early on. this requires a lot of marketing (and money) and even big companies struggle. though you might have a better chance (the way i read it) as you seem to be thinking of selling decks (ie the fire mage deck) instead of random packs (ie. the magic model)
4) i don't want point 3 to put you off too much (as i do like what I've seen so far) so there are alternatives to the CCG like the LCGs: (give them everything with 1 purchase - put out expansions every so often). or stay online (if you know anything about programming these things make good apps)
good luck.

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thanks for the feedback

Hi wob,

For 1) I'll think about it more carefully. For me isn't confusing... but I made the game so doesn't really count. Changing the wording might be necessary indeed.

2) I'm working on the lore since I'm on the playtesting phase and want to do more testing before changing things. But yea, the lore can suck you in haha.

3) and 4) My plan is to go like a LCG, but I can't call it that way because of the trademark. So I'm calling Customizable Card Game (and not Collectible) for now, but not sure what's the best way to call it.
Going online is an option too, but I just think it's more fun to play these kind of games face to face, seeing others reactions.

Thanks for the tips!

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Update v1.11

Changed the Energy mechanic a bit to remove the 12d and use a small board to display Energy, mostly because the 12d can't display 0 haha.
The board also allows some mechanics to be implemented like changing the total Energy allowed in the match.
Implementing resurrect skills for the 2vs2 mode as well. Have a total of 160 skills designed.

Also added a new art for the card back!!

Playtesting this weekend on Tabletopia with people on Discord.

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hi. thanks i did not know LCG

hi. thanks i did not know LCG is trademarked. i thought it was like "deckbuilder" or collectable card game.

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