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Bar Card Game

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Joined: 11/30/2018

Trying to create a custom card game for our friends at our favorite bar and I’m looking for a similar card game or mechanic to follow as a basis or just any ideas/direction.

We have 3 general types of cards...

1.) Characters (people-our friends/employees),
2.) Land (areas of the bar – patio, fireplace, bathroom, etc. about 10 options), 3.) Items – (drinks, menu items)

As new Characters and Items are added, we would like to seamlessly add a new card to the game

We want to start as simple as possible at first and play for fun. We also want to see if there is any way to incorporate small $ values to certain cards to play for money.

Any direction/ideas/thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Joined: 06/09/2017
hi. i think we will need a

i think we will need a little more direction. at the moment it is like asking " i want to use my friends as characters in my novel. what book should i write?"
what type of game do you want? a take that game ie. uno
a trick taking/set collection game? ie. rummy
social deduction? ie werewolf
what card games do you like to play? there are literally thousands of traditional games (using a poker deck) my favourite is goofspeil (a 2-3 player game that you can easily customise).
if you only want it for personal use you can blatantly rip off your favorite game with your friends names and pics (but dont publish a stolen game)- you can make your own pub happy families or top trumps, print them out and stick them in card sleeves.

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looking at your list of

looking at your list of components i think cluedo (clue in the u.s) would be a good thing to copy but you would need to make a board. change the murder to " who couldnt handle their drink? where did they puke? what were they drinking? "
or copy monopoly, using customers as tokens, drinks as money and rooms as spaces.

let-off studios
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Cluedo, Dvorak

I like wob's suggestion on considering Cluedo as an inspiration.

I also want to invite you to look into Dvorak, a card game framework that uses loosely-defined "actions" and "things" to create a nomic card game (players can make it up as they go along). It's very similar to Fluxx and all its thematic variations.

It's one of my favourite frameworks to mess around with. There are a number of decks available for you to research on the website for inspiration and alternative mechanics.

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Party Foul Cluedo

Yeah, a Murder Mystery type game but based on party fouls - who broke the bathroom door, made a mess in the hall, etc...Perhaps the culprit doesn't even know it was them. (In my wilder days, I recall trying to figure out who might have done something wrong - all the while wondering if the trail will in fact lead back to me. It often did.)

EDIT: And perhaps as you start to realise you were the culprit, you'll start to hide evidence or subvert the investigation. (Again...)

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Thanks for the insight and some of those ideas/direction sound fun and interesting. I wish I had more details to provide to the forum, right now I was just in the exploring fun ideas stage. Yes, the game would be for personal use

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