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Darkness & Light Kickstarter is live!

I know I haven't really been talking about it much here, but I've been working on an expansion pack for my Heroes & Treasure game. It's not a new design, obviously, though it will contain new mechanics such as scrolls and traps.

If anyone's interested in seeing it, it's at:

Spread the word!


Best of Success!

Here's to another successful Kickstarter run for you, Jay! :)

Brilliant idea for a video!

Brilliant idea for a video!

If you're not going flashy,

If you're not going flashy, best to go low-tech. :)

At least this year I got a tripod for the camera, though.

Having a very young presenter

Having a very young presenter explain the game nailed it. Nothing says "Kids get this" better than having a kid explain it.

Kidsplain should(n't) be a word, I reckon. :)

Backed +1

Gave you some money so I can lurk on the comments section ... (LOL). This expansion seems rather *interesting*. It's different than what I would have expected and ... that's very COOL! I read the backstory on the KS page and it's original. Okay nothing new about Light and Dark Elves ... but it's a fresh SPIN on the two factions.

Also left you a Question in the Comments section... Because I was curious!

Best of luck, but already 20% done in the FIRST day. That's pretty darn good. Hope you fund and I will UP my pledge later too... Just some extra funds towards your project!


I upped my pledge

I thought that my pledge was too low at $10 USD, I upped it to $20 USD now. I don't have anyone to play the game with (core) so I don't really need the "expansion" either. It's more for community sake and support.

Wishing you all the best of success with this campaign.


Come of folks ... we'd like to surpass $2,000 USD in Day #1

All we need is $8 USD to do so... Anyone got a fiver ($5 USD), a couple of those and Jason would have surpassed $2,000 USD in Day #1! Or maybe we have 10 x $1 USD (Game Designers) who want to show a sign of moral support for the campaign and it's progression(!?)

Anyway if someone has some pocket change they're willing to spend on something... This KS might be a good place! We want to ensure H&T reaches their $9,000 USD Funding Goal. And starting off STRONG with OVER $2,000 USD is an excellent way to achieve this!


Lol I wasn’t too worried

Lol I wasn’t too worried about hitting $2000 in the first 12 hours. Not everyone reads their emails right away :). My main issues are bringing in new people to buy the base set and whether or not I get premium pledges to help out (like the custom art). That last one should pick up when my post gets bumped up on the Erfworld site.

Wow 33% Funded!

It's been a great couple days: 33% Funded! That's a sure sign that you will most probably hit your funding goal.

I know some people say 50% in 48 hours. This is true, with the BIGGER campaigns driven by companies like CMON and Mantic Games.

But usually smaller solo effort, if you get 33% in 48 hours, 33% in 25 days, usually you get that last 33% in 4-5 days and sometimes hit some of the stretch goals in the final days.

So this is a POSITIVE outcome so far! Great start...

I'm not 100% sure that was a

I'm reasonably sure that YOU were one of the people saying that 50% was essentially required, about a year ago :)

Hell 100% in the 1st day why not...

But seriously ... other BGDF campaigns like Chris' Scrambo and Andrew's Portal & Prophets had less than 50% in the first 48 hours and still met their Funding Goal. Yeah 50% is nice to have, because it means that you might reach some stretch goals too...

We got $12,500 USD in 48 hours for the Funding Goal of $16,000 USD.

But still slower campaigns have been meeting their Funding Goals. I've seen it done before, so my expectations are more reasonable knowing that 2 or 3 people that I've seen do it ... it's like the "proof is in the pudding"!

I know the older mantra was 50% in 48 hours. Old die-hards will still stick to that claim. But the squeekier ones can still make it at 33%! We evolve as does the industry ... Cheers!

I think from what I have seen...

"Just Launched" and "Nearly Funded" campaigns have much more VISIBILITY on KS. Middle of the campaign is very slow (even our own campaign). It seems like once you drop off the "NEW radar" ... funding and discovery becomes more of a challenge...

For example there is a Category for "RPGs". When I searched through the projects I was surprised to FIND "Heroes & Treasure: expansion" but had to scroll down quite a lot (there were so many entries BEFORE).

And I'm not sure how that LAST WEEK (4-5 days) in what seems to be the category or collection that would boost the presence of said games... IDK TBH. But it's not really obvious about how to "explore" and "discover" projects based on "Magic" as they call it...

Definitely an opportunity to build a better mousetrap...

Much to my shock, this just

Much to my shock, this just funded.

We were about $2500 short with a few days to go, and one of my original game backers really wanted me to make it, so.. got a huge pledge.

The catch is that now I have to make it :)

1000 units will be massive overkill, unfortunately. I'd make 500 if I could. Gonna try to push a little on my manufacturer and maybe they'll be able to drop to 800 or something. May have to do some aggressive bundling to clear the extra inventory.

Just felt the urge to

Just felt the urge to post...

I sent all the files to the manufacturer this past weekend. Feels good!

Hopefully my experience with the first title will mean that they don't kick any files back to me for not having enough bleed or whatever else might be an issue.

Also, off topic, I'll have a booth at the Mass Ren Faire this weekend and next, if any of you live in the vicinity of Central Massachusetts and want to come say hi :). Fingers crossed that this is a great venue to sell fantasy RPG games...

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