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Introducing the Deck Box!

The Game Crafter - Deck Box

The Game Crafter can now make custom printed Deck Boxes! They come in 3 versions: Blank ($5), Top and Sides Printed ($8), and Fully Printed ($9). The interior dimensions are 3.75 x 8 x 3 inches and it has the same rigid 2mm chipboard construction as our Stout Boxes.

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The Deck Box holds 625 unsleeved poker cards or 460 sleeved poker cards. If you want to stay organized, you can easily print and add divider cards to the box as well. Check out the photo below to see the difference between the “Top and Sides Printed” and the “Fully Printed” versions. (Fully Printed is printed on the back of the box as well.)

Learn more about the Deck Box (Fully Printed):

Learn about the Deck Box (Top and Sides Printed):

Learn about the Blank Deck Box:

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