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Adventure games: Could players do more kind of actions?

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I am working on an Eldritch Horror inspired adventure game, and I will need to design soon the cards that will accompany the game. I intend to use cards with multiple sections (to reduce the number of cards) and I am trying to figure out what to keep, discard or how to organize the information.

Now I was thinking about what character do in adventure games and I came up with only 4 categories of action. This apply mostly to games where the players fight against the system:

A- Make the players progress: Do actions that will make the players move closer to winning the game. For example, fulfilling quests, fighting evil, etc

B- Reduce the threat: Do actions that will make the evil regress or be less threatening. For example: Defeating monsters, disturbing plans.

C- Make a character progress: Do actions that will make the characters improve itself. For example: Buy equipment, find artifacts, train in new skills, collect resources, etc.

D- Repair the characters: Do actions that allow the character to recover lost health or get rid of nasty conditions, etc.

From what I have seen so far, everything seems to fit in those 4 categories. Sometimes it could be a nastier format like a quest where you don't know the results until completed. But the results will always fit in one of the categories above.

So my question is: Are there other possible categories?

Else I can only manipulate the various methods within a category. For example: Do you improve your character buy buying new stuff, stealing artifacts, completing a secret project, fulfilling a quest, finding a skill trainer, etc. I'll just have to make a choice from the list.

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soft gaols: that is anything

soft gaols: that is anything that doesnt help but can still be entertaining.
in video games, for instance the mario games, you need to collect all the coins on a level, not necessary but the game isnt "complete" if you dont do it.
this is harder to do with board games obviously but it can be done. in an adventure game for instance you could have accessories that dont do much but can be quested for. for example for killing x monster you get a snazzy cloak made of its skin.

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If this is not a cooperative

If this is not a cooperative game, you can add actions to make life more difficult for your opponents.

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Yes it's for a cooperative

Yes it's for a cooperative game.

As it was discusses on BGG, I could condense it even more as 2 path of action:

1- Make the players progress or the game regress
2- Improve or repair the character

Since each pair are closely related to each other. It still gives a dilemma between fulfilling objectives or powering up your character.

So far I have not found anything new that could fit as a board game. Creativity and experimentation is nice, but it fits better in a video game.

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You could have sub-goals that

You could have sub-goals that are useful if completed, but useless if partly completed.

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