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New Board Game Pieces - Elephant with Rider

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - Elephant with Rider

We added 7 different colors of Elephant with Rider to our Board Game Pieces Shop! They are made of wood and we think they are super cool/unique. 17mm meeple included for scale.


Narrowly escaped


*meeple panting*

"I escaped those bears. Should be safe now..."

*elephant trumpets*

"Not again."

*turns elephant on its

*turns elephant on its side*

Ahh! It's C'thulhu!

(just me?)

Old Skool

I keep thinking of Chaturanga when I look at these meeples. But I suppose the typical intent of these would be for "war elephants" in a 4X game.

It might also be cool to see a game that explores safari tour management or something like that, with these meeples indicating tour groups or something similar.

Am I the only one who thought

Am I the only one who thought of Jonathan Haidt?


love the creativity here, folks. :)

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