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Developing an Android Phone App?!

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Golem Arcana

It had a custom Stylus that allowed you to "scan" things (board, miniatures, player aids, etc.) and the iOS or Android Tablet would react and provide information. But it got "mixed" reviews because people HATED "sharing" the Stylus and their Tablet that was paired with the Stylus.

That's why I think it's best if each player had their own SmartPhone with the App installed.

The Price of the App is ... a non-issue. Maybe FREE could attract more people to the App, to see what it is all about. But I highly DOUBT that people who download the FREE App will then go out an buy the game. I think it's more the other way around: Gamers who buy the TableTop (Physical) game will want to download the App in order to play and encourage their friends to also get their copy of the App so that they can play together on those famous gaming nights!

IDK ... I'll have to think about it. For now, I am BUSY with "Monster Keep" (MK) and figuring out how to ADD more strategy with some other cool mechanics (eg. Decision Trees).

Thanks for all your feedback!

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Hi, Also late here, but

Also late here, but another option would be for you to develop a progressive web app ( It has the advantages that it will work for both iOS and Android (with the same code), it doesn't require you to go through any arbitrary Appstore process (and saving any developer fees), and it would still allow people to add it to their homescreen, etc... like a normal app. This wouldn't work if you needed fancy things, like accessing specific hardware from your phone, etc... but for a simple app as you described it should work pretty easily and would be easier to develop (probably) than a normal app.
Also, probably mentioned here already, but if you decide to do a native app, then you would probably want to use something like React Native or Cordova or similar, so you can code it once and then pretty much not have to touch the native code in either platform.
Anyway, just some thoughts!

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