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-I've decided to use GameLand to manufacture my game. Because they are the only one's that continued forward with the quote process.
-I've decided against TGC because my game was almost $52 per unit. I can't think of anyone except hobby gamer's that would pay that price for a game, and I don't think any hobby gamer's will be buying my game. So I ordered one for promo purposes and its off to China.
-I will order 1000 units. Hopefully I sell 200 but as of yet the Tariff hasn't passed and this will save me money in the future if that happens. Also I have a shot at going viral and selling 600 which would get me into the Green for this project!!!
-GameLand says they can have me games by October before the Holiday season!! I know that if anything goes wrong that could be close....but I've got to HOPE!!
-I'm looking at 6.78 per unit cost.
-No idea on Freight Forwarding yet.
-Still don't have a lock down on Fulfillment. None of the typical Board Game fulfillment companies wanted my business. Perhaps they're hobby gamer's??? I'm sort of a black sheep in this community, I think because my game looks like Monopoly!!
-I may create a marketing campaign that goes something like this "If you like Monopoly then you'll Love Holiday Fever A Family Tradition".
-I'm set on finding a Fulfillment company in SLC Utah, because its close enough for me to drive to and pick up the games that don't get sold this Holiday Season and store them myself until holidays 2020.
-Thinking about doing a KS in November with a very low goal, offering a coupon for donations (keep from paying KS too much cash) that backers can take to the website and get the game for Cheap!! Just a marketing idea.

Please shoot some holes, give me your idea's, experience, strength, hope!!!


questccg wrote:Jay103

questccg wrote:
Jay103 wrote:
That would be 59 games

I win!

How can you possibly WIN if the contest is still on-going! There's November, December and one (1) week in January left. I don't know what gives you the impression that you won... And I find that maybe if this is the continued trend, Evan will be the winner with a prediction of 234 games.

Austin is capped at 100, me at 86 and you at 60. If he sells 2 more games, you lose @Jason... Grossly underestimated how many sales he is getting for 2019. The real winner will be @Evan TBH!!!

Well, he should end the contest right now, obviously.

Surprise, surprise!

Jay103 wrote:
...Well, he should end the contest right now, obviously.

Well what I see is that "on his own" @Evan has gotten MORE "Backers" than "Monkeys vs. Lemurs" (which only has 55 Backers). Granted we all agreed that the KS campaign was a bit suspicious (because of the large dumps of money which seems to make the campaign un-realistic). And he did it by himself without ANY marketing or Backers.

I'm personally "shocked"!

I mean it's not like I don't have any Faith @Evan... On the contrary, I feel his game is very "relevant" for the Christmas Holidays. I just feel that it is VERY seasonal. And so I'm more concerned with the sales AFTER January 2020 TBH. But that has nothing to do with the contest.

Maybe @Evan is gifted with the "Sale's Gene", the one obviously absent in my blood (LOL). If he sells above 100 games, we'll indeed all be at a loss (so to speak — with the contest I mean...)

But congrats to @Evan... my guess is that he will outsell ALL our predictions... We'll have to wait and see!

The Review

Hey I want you guys to read the review and tell me what you think? He gave me a 9 out of 10 on BGG rating scale.

-We are going to start marketing after Halloween. I'm not putting a cap on the Marketing budget...if its working, I'll increase the budget. I've got lots of idea's for marketing too many to go over.
-We will be in a busy grocery store, in a wealth ski town!! Potential sales could be high, but I won't have games in the store until Thanksgiving-ish.
-My sister is going to send a 2 games one to Katy Perry and the other to Orlando Bloom whom she has a personal relationship with.
-My web designer/marketing partner is excellent at her job.
-I've made an affiliate program for Lisa (a blogger) for $5 for each game sold through her promo code.

Now if everyone agrees (Quest, Jay, Austin) then we can reset the game and you each get another guess. After all its OUR game, and it was just a prototype and we were just play testing. So if you all agree we can reset and you can each make another guess based on current sales, and my marketing plan????? BTW 2 more games sold which brings us to 61!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My opinion

Leave the "contest" AS-IS. If after the time the contest is done, you are over 100 games... Why don't you just give us each a $25 Gift Certificate and that would mean saving $25 ... and sort of a "participation prize"...

I don't think it's wrong to go over the 100 games sold marker... But we'll see. I don't really care about winning the Gift Certificate TBH. I'm more interested in knowing how you actually do!

But it's your contest.

Also ...

Are these REAL SALES??? Or are you counting "giving away" promotional games...? If you give it away FREE... That's NOT a sale. Just want to be certain. Oh and yeah no $1 a copy either. I mean REGULAR SALES like $25 USD and up. What is your price point BTW??

I can give away a bunch of games FREE too... But that's not a SALE. It's like a promotional item ... You mentioned "Marketing" and I was just wondering are these 61 games SOLD or not?!?!

Best if you clarify things just not to give false impressions. Otherwise I can say I made 3,000 sales of "Quest Adventure Cards(tm)". But the truth was I donated 3,000 booster pack to needy kids (in my neck of the woods).

So just let us know what is the protocol for these 61 sales...

Legit Sales

Technically there are 49 copies sold, with funds in my accounts, but we have a hand shake from the grocery store for 12 games.

-I have only give away 2 copies from The Game Crafter so far. I have made a generous promise to give Lisa 5 copies for her marketing help on her blog + $5 per copy that sells through her affiliate site(Those copies will be counted even though I'm giving her a $5 cut).
-Just simple reviews asked for 2 production copies of the game for his review. I've told him that I will give him 5 copies as well + I will sell him games at wholesale. I figure a guy like him, giving away my games for Christmas Gifts is probably not a bad idea. I will count the games sold to him at wholesale, because I will count sales to any other retailer who will buy at wholesale.
-I will not count any games given away or sold for less than wholesale. Which I don't plan on doing anyway.
-Price point pre-thanksgiving is $35+$9 flat rate shipping.
-Price point after thanksgiving is $40+$12.50 flat rate shipping.
-Price point wholesale is $20 to retailers who purchase 10+ games. Minus Just Simple Reviews...he gets wholesale no matter how many he purchases if any!!
-I will give anyone on BGDF the same deal I'm giving Lisa. $5/unit for posting a link and marketing my game on your websites and social media. I will give you a unique link, and tally your sales in January.
-As for sales after Christmas....That's a mute point because my hope is to only work 3 months out of the year on HF!! Order games in January, look for retailers who will carry the game, then ramp up Marketing etc...Nov and Dec!!! The rest of the year, I can think of new ideas!!

Ah okay... Sounds legit to me!

I was just wondering because ... it could be questionable strategy of giving away games to TRY to earn some "Future" Market Share. Some people do this in the sense that they give away product hoping they in turn entice more people to the "product".

3 Months per year sounds reasonable. Gives you time to rest, take a breath and also giving you more free time. During the Holiday Season, I figure you will be very busy!

I really do think that this game has HUGE Mass Market appeal... Think Hasbro and Parker Brothers, et al. The only "down-side" is that it is a very seasonal game. But if that means you working only 3 months out of the year on HF ... Well that sounds like a very reasonable and sound plan.

Do it when it's hot, review and research when it's down-time.


Giving Away Games

I had the idea in my head to give away lots of game, but I think it was you that helped me see the flaw in that strategy. I want FANs of the game. I need to find those people who would pay full price for the game because those people will be Fans of the game. I don't need people who will impulse by the game because its $25 dollars. They will be shallow customers. I want people who buy it because they want a GREAT Christmas game, and are willing to pay market price for it, and share it with their family, friends, and neighbors. The game is designed to give family's special memorable moments. When those moments happen, those customers become true fans, and true fan's will spread the word.
I do need to say that since the beginning my vision has been that I will give away a certain number of copies away each year, as a special Family Tradition for my family specifically. I will probably end up giving away 10 copies by hanging them on People's door's with my wife and kids this Christmas Season. Last year we went around to friends and neighbors giving away GORP trail mix because we wanted to be the family that brought by a healthy treat...not Cookies that you can't stop eating. Now we'll have something even better to drop by with....The game that keeps on Giving.

Does Parker Bros still exist?

Does Parker Bros still exist? I thought they were bought out years ago. I did a factory tour there for a birthday party when I was a kid. Yes this is another digression :)

(edit: Yes, bought by Hasbro in 1991)

But I still think they "exist" under a Hasbro Brand

I'm not sure... But when I did some Googling it seem like you are correct in saying that Hasbro bought out "Parker Brothers" in 1991... But I'm still positive that I see products, specifically Board Games that are branded "Parker Brothers" to this very day (Clue, Monopoly, et al.) I think Hasbro uses "Parker Brothers" as their "Board Game"-Wing sort of deal...

Again I'm not 100% sure. If I am incorrect feel free to point this out.

But I'm almost positive that I've seen BOTH Clue and Monopoly be under the "Parker Brothers" games brand.


Note #1: Googling I found that it says "Monopoly" is published by Hasbro. But the original game was acquired by Parker Brothers. Same goes for Cluedo (or Clue). Must be because I have 80s board games... That's why I remember Parker Brothers...

Note #2: It took some time to SEARCH for this but I found a VERSION of "Monopoly Deal" published by Parker Brothers...

So yeah it seems like Parker Brothers is STILL AROUND today!

Note #3: Here is some background information:

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