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Our Gen Con 2019 Experience

We’re all back home now and trying to recover from 4 busy days of Gen Con. As in past years, this was a great show for us and you can read about our experience at

We include details about:

- The Game Crafter Community Social
- Our Board Game Candy Shop Booth
- The Game Crafter Community Game Night
- Our vendor table in the First Exposure Playtest Hall

For those of you who missed Gen Con and our Board Game Candy Shop, we are happy to announce that we will be running it at PAX Unplugged. :)



Glad to see your event was successful! I went to Comic Con this year as a patron not a "designer" and was pleased to look around, attend some panels, enjoy a meal and check out all the neat (and sexy) people in costumes...!

Really enjoyed the entire day we spent at the con. So no doubt GenCon was an even better event (with the size and the sheer number of booths to visit). I know when you "work" a con, you don't get the same appreciation because you're manning the booth (or table in my case). And it doesn't allow you to "take-in" everything that is going on at the con.

So congratulations on the event... And I hope you all found some time to take a peek at what everyone else was showing too!


Candy Shop

Did any kids drop by and try to eat a player token thinking it was candy?

I got the first copy of Holiday Fever A Family Tradition from The Game Crafter yesterday. I should say my Wife and kids got it, and opened it up while I was on FaceTime. My wife let the 3 older kids tear into the packaging while she held our 4th baby. The kids finally get through the packaging and inside the box to find that The Game Crafter actually put treats inside the box (Jolly ranchers and suckers). My kids absolute loved it, and it made the experience so memorable for our family!!!!

I got to give a huge Thanks to the amazing and thoughtful people over at The Game Crafter. You have made me customer and a fan for life with that small and thoughtful gesture. Thank you!!!

BTW the game is absolutely incredible. I haven't gotten to touch it yet, but it looks amazing, and my wife was totally blown away by the quality. Only 2 week from submission to my front door!!! Thanks again TGC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the wonderful

Thanks for the wonderful feedback and kind words, Evansmind244.

You should have received a gift certificate and candy with your order and that was to celebrate The Game Crafter's 10th Anniversary! We always wanted to have a vibrant community of board game designers around our print on demand service and so we made the investment early on and it has really paid off!

So there's plenty to celebrate these days and we're super excited you also enjoy the production quality and the game. Have fun and thanks for being part of our community!

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