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Monster Keep — Simplified 90% design

Well if you've read one of my earlier threads, the "LOOT" Tactical system has "revealed" a *new* way to handle combat within the game. This new combat system is much, much, much simpler than the one using the Online Calculator such that I can REMOVE both the "Calculator" and the "Scoresheet" from existence. That's right with this new system, those electronic add-ons are no longer necessary.

And so this is a START! Tomorrow I will review AGAIN to see if my thoughts are all coherent and that everything makes sense. And does this "LOOT" system make sense (from my example it seems like it does...) I have also decided to go with "random" LOOT because it is more REALISTIC: you never know what a conquest will offer up as a "reward" for winning the battle...



Bare with me... It needs more *thought*

The "LOOT" Tactical system is far from 100% now. Needs some more thought to see if it can be more "seamless" and feel more "natural" than it is ATM.

Good Call on the Loot

Just to add a tactical possibility to the game.....if you have random LOOT then what about being able to booby trap loot if you don't want the loot that dropped from a defeated opponent?

Traps are like in "Yu-Gi-Oh!"

I can't implement "traps" because the "LOOT" is NOT cards. Instead they are colored token chosen from a bag/pouch randomly. Remember the cards featured in the game are only a 12 Card Micro Deck (per player) and 10 Lord cards the players choose to play (2 or 4). Oh yeah and two (2) Nexus cards. So it's in multiples of 12 which work well with the sheets (24 cards per sheet).

So your previous comment about the "Dragon Hoard" I really LIKED! What the big challenge was is finding a way to "battle" that could empower the use of a "Dragon" because the "LOOT" is a "result" of a battle. So I actually had to think hard about WHY(?) would someone PLAY the "Dragon" or even put that card into his Micro Deck?!

Therefore I changed the stats a bit in order to make this workable. Now we have something like this:

Fighter = (6, 3, 2)
Dragon = (8, 5, 5)

With stats = "Attack, Defense and Loot". So by just looking at these two cards, here's the take-away:

The Fighter can KILL the "Dragon" (6 - 5 = +1) and earn a "random" hoard of treasure. To be precise, five (5) random "LOOT"!

The Dragon can KILL the "Fighter" (8 - 3 = +5) and earn two (2) "LOOT"...

Something much SIMPLER and "more standard" (in a way). The Attack vs. Defense is a more standard notation in many card games. It's NOT because I wanted a "vanilla" solution, it's more that I needed something that works and is easy to comprehend and "calculate".

I am presently in contact with another "designer" for my card template. He will tell me if he can "improve" upon my design (Graphic-wise).

Keep you all posted as the game develops. But as they say: "If it's ain't broken, don't fix it!"

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