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Crafter Con - Board Game Design Convention

The Game Crafter - Crafter Con - 2019 Schedule

Crafter Con is The Game Crafter’s very own board game design convention that focuses on education to make you a better game designer. It happens the day before Protospiel Madison and features a track of seminars, workshops with industry experts, and a play testing room to work on your games with other designers 1 on 1.

There are only 3 badges remaining, so be sure to get yours now! There are also only 13 badges available for Crafter Con + Protospiel Designer Weekend. Get your badges at before they sell out!


looks good. Shame it is in

looks good. Shame it is in the US not the UK :(

Hmm... interesting!

Maddgames wrote:
looks good. Shame it is in the US not the UK :(

Maybe J.T. Smith and Tavis Parker might want to EXPAND into Europe?! Would make sense to have a European presence ... Just like the USA, Canada and Mexico. The North American division will always exist ... but from what I have heard "shipping" prices is what makes the most difficult factor when ordering games from "The Game Crafter" (TGC).

But if there was a TGC for Europe and Asia ... That might be really appealing to the Europeans that enjoy designing games also!


It could additionally help in terms of bulk production

Aside from the lower shipping costs, it might be possible to have two (2) World Hubs from which the games are made at after a successful International KS campaign. We know UK members really enjoy buying games from American designers (we saw it with our own game too).

So as a KS manager you could break up production between two World-Wide locations and as you know, help lower the cost to get the games (because of more localized shipping).

Would be an Amazing accomplishment... I guess the hardest part is getting the right Executive Staff to ensure that the production is the same quality as in the USA. That's probably the biggest roadblock - TBH.

After they've found the right people, it's only a question of mimicking operations and production rules... Maybe CHOOSING your HUB (World-Wide) would be an "Account Option" (Do I want to order from the USA hub or the European one?) Such as a DEFAULT for orders.

And BULK would have to have an additional FIELD "Hub" and it could be a numeric value like "0" for USA or "1" for Europe, etc.

It's really not that complicated for handling this via the website... It more the logistics of finding the right people and ensuring that the same quality is present in European Production...

Note #1: On all orders you would need to select a HUB. Even if you are proposed with a Default one. You would still need to choose where you want the production to be made from...

Note #2: The USA hub would collect USD and the European one would collect Euros. Yes this would be tricky with the pricing (listing) and bulk orders... I'm not saying it's the EASIEST thing to do ... I'm just thinking ... It might be an option they (TGC) might want to explore further. As with any "software" you need to do an analysis to determine the impact of changes.

On another note, the amount of TCG Members would definitely see a RISE in membership (with all the NEW European users)...

Protospiel Nottingham UK

Sorry, it's much more economical for us to host CrafterCon & Protospiel Madison in our home town so we aren't paying massive amounts of hotel/travel costs. People wouldn't want to pay much higher ticket prices for all that extra overhead.

However, since you are in the UK you should definitely plan on attending Protospiel Nottingham UK on November 23, 2019. We are sponsoring the event with some blank components, assorted game pieces, and gift certificates. This is the first Protospiel in the UK/EU that we're aware of and we're excited to see it expanding across the globe!

Learn more about the event and get your badge at

That's pretty cool too!

The Game Crafter wrote:
...However, since you are in the UK you should definitely plan on attending Protospiel Nottingham UK on November 23, 2019.

Ask and ye shall received! (LOL)

This is certainly something

This is certainly something we've kicked around because there's obvious benefits in doing so. But also understand that this would be a massive investment in duplicating our current production facility. And we all know the tight margins that the board game industry works on. We're no exception to that. :)

So for now, we have to concentrate on listening to our community, making innovative new products that they want, and improving all of the aspects of our service/quality. And we'll keep looking for better/cheaper ways to ship internationally so that our customers out there can get their games at a reasonable cost/delivery speed.

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