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Changes to Templates for Folding Game Boards

The Game Crafter - News - Changes to Templates for Folding Game Boards

We’ve added a new black border in the templates for our Quad-Fold Game Board, Six-Fold Game Board, and Medium Six-Fold Game Board to represent the approximate area on the face of the game board where the black backing will be visible. We’ve also moved the blue dotted Safe Zone line in by about 2mm to better represent the actual area where your text and images will not be at risk of being cut off.

This change may impact your Folding Board images, please update your files as needed, to ensure they print accurately.


Freaken LOVE your taste of 80s Music!!!

It's URGENT... It's URGENT ... Emergency!!! -Foreigner

Quite the little "Easter Egg" I might add... People are going to WANT to mark their orders as URGENT just to get the chance to listen to that CLIP!!!

Hahaha!!! Very funny... But also very cool! LOL

And yes ... I had an expedient order to place!

I know it's a small order ($2.55) for only 8 poker cards... But they are never the less VERY important. Why? Because these are "prototype" corrections made AFTER the final prototype was made and shipped to my doorstep. As such they are vital card edits that I did NOT have. What's VITAL???

1. Well for one, there was an error on the Smuggler Role for all four (4) Factions.

2. There was a NEW and very "exciting" change to the Chancellor Role which meant that players can form temporary alliances and battle together against a common foe (some other player). That's a change for all four (4) Factions also.

3. My prototype only had the Single Asymmetric Ability (for each of the Factions). Turns out we modified this too! Now each Faction has TWO (2) Asymmetric Abilities: militaristic and NOW economic. Again this affected all four (4) Factions and their Asymmetric Ability Cards.

I wanted to get these changes SOON. In the event that I may need to use the "current" prototype to PLAY a game (if some local publisher may want to give the game a try... To see for themselves how FUN the game really is!)

So that's how I got the Easter Egg... Funny!

I just wrote on all my cards

I just wrote on all my cards with a sharpie :)


haha, glad you like our little easter egg. People have enjoyed it for awhile and we always laugh when people post on social media about it. But I mean... when it's urgent.... it's URRRRRRRRRRRGENT!

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