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designing armies according to their military function

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Most games will have units printed on tokens or other mediums that most of the time, will represent a unit type like: Archers, cavalry, Battleship, carrier, etc.

Now the problem is when a game cover a larger scale, most of the time a battle ship token will not represent 1 single battle ship, but maybe 4 battleships accompanied with dozens of destroyers.

The bigger and bigger is the scale, it seems more logical to have a token per fleet or army rather than unit type. Which remove the option to customize the composition of of your fleet or army which also removes a part of the strategy of the game.

So I was wondering, what if instead a fleet or army token represented the purpose of that military force which have a unit composition abstracted in it. Here is a few example:

* Garrison army: Unit designed to defend a place
* Raiding Army: Unit designed to attack and damage surrounding territories without capturing them
* Siege Army: Unit designed to siege fortification and invade

* Battle Fleet: Fleet designed to engage other fleets in battle
* Landing Fleet: Fleet designed to capture new location
* Support Fleet: Design to help other fleets, defend areas, etc.
* Diplomatic/Merchant Fleet: Allow spreading of influence in the area

So this is just some random ideas.

Now is there any game that use this approach?

Is there a standard list of fleet and army functions that I could use?

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Maybe this will bring some idea's.

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I think this is reasonably

I think this is reasonably common in strategic wargames. You have things like regular vs tank vs paratroop armies in ww2 games, or field armies vs garrisons in games about older wars. A quick look at some random strategic wargames will show you many variations that you can borrow ideas from.

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Somebody pointed out on BGG

Somebody pointed out on BGG that for example in axis and allies, the infantry token is actually a garrison army. An offensive army could be represented by a tank.

So the functions would be there, but the representation would be abstracted with unit types instead.

So an infantry unit would not just be composed of infantry.

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