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Well my friends, mine is a TALE of "survival"!

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I feel like the battered and bloodied soldier who is returning home after a long battle to the end!

Why do I say this??? Because I've been computer-less for the last FIVE (5) days! What happened? I got bloodied attacked on Sunday Night by some darn phantom of a spirit who savagely bloodied my CPU with some very deadly force.

No kidding... Take all that literally! (Seriously no joke)

I spent 6 hours from 6 PM to 12 AM trying to get the CPU "back to life"... It took that long for both parties to "stand their ground". Eventually around 12 PM, the CPU seemed to revive... And I set it on SLEEP.

The NEXT 3 days I lay in wait for Thursday as we all suffered in Hell over the 3 New Years days... I had been totally butchered and was in no mood to work on the PC... And besides being in Hell ... What did I need a PC for???

On Thursday I came back to the "broken" CPU and figured out that I had about 10 minutes of LIVE CPU time before the PC would FREEZE! That's right 10 minutes. It took me hours to painstakingly backup my files on a USB drive ... in case this PC would be forever lost after the bloody battle...

I spend Thursday doing backups the HARD WAY: 10 minutes then Reboot, rinse and repeat... It was quite the job... And I could not backup my software.

On Friday (Today), I went to visit my ex-boss (a CTO no less) and he helped me speed up the CPU and quicken the boot time. But still no luck, maybe we were getting 15 Minutes before the CPU would DIE AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN... Fncken spirits... They are so unpredictable and can cause all kinds of havoc.

Tonight I managed to HEAL the wounded PC but at the price of losing ALL my APPS. It was a sacrifice that had to be made IF the PC was to revive...

Well my FRIENDS... My CPU is VICTORIOUS!!! Whatever that evil spirit did to my CPU was not enough to break it. I've since managed to download my Firewall, Malware and Virus software and got a copy of Chrome to boot!

So I'm not down for the count... The PC needs some more TLC. But is in recovery.

Fncken a-hole spirit! Hope to never need to battle such an beast of a presence again...! Cheers everyone and Happy New Years!

(And yes all of this was REAL ... no exaggerations or bs-ing!)

Note #1: And that same bitching spirit fncked my Television which was a simple fix from Cable to TV-VCR and even took a shot at my Toaster Oven which I had to fix the timer... Otherwise my Garlic bread would have been BLACK! Serious beef with that one... But tonight is a GOOD NIGHT!

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