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Window Pains 4 Player Edition

Window Pains 4P Setup

I'm glad to say the 4 player version looks great, and plays exactly the same (except with better pacing) as the 2 player game.

Boy are rules more tricky to write then I expected. I think I am too familiar with my game. Its such a small game that it only deserves one page of rules.

Here: have some pictures!


On Sale!

Just curious.. when you set

Just curious.. when you set up a TGC thing, is there a reason to have three separate "decks" of 30, 5, and 1, rather than one deck of 36?

If it has a different back,

If it has a different back, it is considered a different "deck". They are all printed on 18 card sheets (charged per sheet), so I still am only using 2 sheets for my 36 total cards.

You can change the card backs

You can change the card backs on a per-card basis within a deck, actually. I just printed up an 81-card deck where two cards have a separate back.

(if you just name the files Fooback.jpg and Foofront.jpg, it does it for you, but you may still need to select "unique card back" (or something like that) from the little menu under the card)

In case you misunderstood

You can CHOOSE to have only one (1) Deck and in that Deck have most cards use the "Back from Deck" for the 30 cards and then use "Back from Card" for the 6 other cards and upload each "Card Back" separately...

You don't need 3 decks. Only one and change the "Back from" option to suit the cards that are different from the "Back" of the Deck.

If you do it this way you'll see one "Card back" (the one for the 30) and then see only "1 Bridge Deck 36 cards". Will appear much more professional too!


Note #1: And please remember that I will PURCHASE your game soon enough... I want the 4 Player Version too ... Sometime we like to play 3 players. My family likes "Chromino" and I think your game has deeper strategy than that "color-tile" game. You can check out that game as it is a DIRECT competitor (but uses plastic tiles):

Like I said, YOUR game (Window Pains) has more strategy is slightly like a Euro (with the Bonus Scoring at the end...) It's still a Puzzle Game ... But like I said we, as a family, enjoy these sort of games.

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