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Inkscape countersheetsextension (cards, tiles, tokes, standees, etc) version 2.2

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I just tagged the current version as 2.2.

Download is here:

Changes since 2.1:

- New option to also put registration marks on the back.

- New option to offset backs.

- New option for spacing between counters.

- Empty value for clone removes it from the generated counter.

- Empty value for image removes image from generated counter.

- Styled text has predictable ids to make it possible to add extra style easily from spreadsheet.

- Dialog options split into multiple tabs.

- Many new templates for cards, counters, markers, standees included.

- Added and improved documentation, with illustrations added to several pages that had none.

- Many major and minor bugfixes.

This is likely to be the last version (possibly except for some minor bugfixes) that supports Inkscape pre-1.0. Inkscape 1.0 is currently in beta and could be out any day. It has a rewritten extensions API meaning that version 2.2 of the countersheetsextension does not support Inkscape 1.0 or later. Of course also if you are still using any older version of the extension it will stop working if/when you upgrade to Inkscape 1.0.

Discussion thread on bgg:

Documentation in github wiki:

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Joined: 08/11/2008
If anyone is interested in

If anyone is interested in printing cards laid out 4 per sheet with fronts and backs for folding, I just posted and experimental version that can do that (set rotation for fronts and backs, combined with various older features can make the cards line up correctly). There is some discussion on bgg and a post describing how to test this new feature.

(Technically that could be done in older versions as well, but with much more effort and manually rotating the templates etc. This is much more automatic and less error-prone. If it works as well as I hope it does.)

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