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New Contest at The Game Crafter - Proto ATL 2020 Contest

The Game Crafter - Board Game Design Contest - Proto ATL 2020

The Game Crafter has partnered with Proto ATL 2020 to run a game design contest that will do final judging live at the convention. No limits on components, themes, or mechanics this time. Just a short time frame to design, a short playtime, and a small price. Details at


Darn it... The rules are always hard to follow...

And I know hardly any rules. But 20 minutes is SHORT. I'm finding 30 minutes is short "enough"... But then again, it needs to be a NEW GAME... Not something that's been in your games listing for 3 months (or maybe more)! Darn it...

I wish all the contestants a heartfelt: "You go get'em!"

I just won't be one of them...

Best of luck(?!) to ALL the contestants.

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