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NEW: Custom Printed Full-Color Score Pads @ The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter - Custom Printed Full-Color Score Pads Now Available at The Game Crafter

Great news! We can now make custom printed full-color score pads. They’re no longer stapled and are now edge-glued! They come in the same 3 sizes (large, medium, small) as our black and white score pads.



Are the B&W ones going to become edge-glued also??? Or just these colored ones?? I submitted a site idea for this EXACT request!!! AMAZING. So how were/are you guys able to get around the "glue process" that usually takes a bit for time to dry?

Because that was the main "blockage" with the suggestion... "Takes too long to dry..."

Really COOL... Good stuff. Now I need to figure out what DESIGN needed these babies! Oh yeah, "SpellMasters"... To record your SPELLS on... When I get to that design, I will take a closer look at designing the score pads.


Hmm... I guess it's difficult to change existing products

I know the color ones are better... And you can ONLY use Black as a color in the NEW "color" score pads ... So I guess it's a "no brainer" TBH.

I guess the old ones will be kept for LEGACY reasons (for those using them).

Too bad it would be nice to have B&W and get a smaller discount.

Like instead of $0.15 per item (COLOR), you could have $0.12 per item (B&W) and remove the staples and replace them with the glued-edge.

From a DESIGN perspective there is no difference. You already needed space for the "staples", that could be transformed into the glued-edge instead.

I know it seems possible to UPDATE "everyone" with a small increase of $0.05 for the glued-edge in the B&W version. Because the glue might be a little bit more expensive than the staples...

Just some thoughts. Cheers!

But it could be possible...

All the "existing" B&W Score Pads would have the reserved area for the glue and a "white" section (because the glue requires LESS space than the staples).

Again I realize that if you want GLUE + B&W, all you need to do is use a B&W version of your Score Pad page...

Just thought an "everyone gets an upgrade to glue" (for +$0.05) ... Might be interesting for more games...

I'm just saying...

It would be simple to rid yourselves of the "staples" because honestly if you add a few pennies to each sheet, you can give the edge-glued and it would be the SAME process for color or B&W. If you offer B&W with a small discount... I'm sure more Designers wouldn't mind a $0.05 per sheet increase!

It gives them a more polished product to sell to gamers TBH.

Those "staples" aren't really user-friendly with the sheets anyways! I know that was the "easiest" way in the past... But you guys have SURPASSED all expectation and made the bar VERY HIGH with the edge-glued!

Design-wise nobody will need to "update" their games components because the "staples" were taking up a whole lot of space. Part of that space is for the edge-glued... And then white for the rest of the pad until it reaches the content of the B&W image...

I know that paragraph is not clear: what I mean is that DESIGNERS don't need to update their files. It's just a process change. The bleeds are the same (or better with the edge-glued)...

Changes to score pads

The B&W scorepads will remain available through our print on demand service. We're just adding color score pads in addition to them. Color score pads do cost a bit more so if cost is your biggest priority then you can keep using B&W score pads. All of the score pads now come with a glued edge and are not stapled.

We think this is the best solution because it is a superior product and designers can choose whether they only need B&W or full color. :)

All of the options are available to review at

Man you guys ROCK!

I hadn't noticed that the B&W Score Pads are now glued too...! It's a great idea to remove the "staples" and go with "glued-edge". I hadn't noticed that... Very smart indeed! Cool beans... So much more practical.

Yep, we recently updated all

Yep, we recently updated all of the product images in our product catalog to reflect this. The glued are far superior to the staples and the color is a wonderful upgrade for many games.

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