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Dungeon Dare 2020 Update - Online Demo

In Dungeon Dare, press your luck as a brave hero seeking treasure within the depths of the dungeon. But beware, get too greedy, and the creatures in the dungeons will overcome you! Dungeon Dare is played by 2-4 heroes, ages 7 and up, in about 10-15 minutes. Draw cards one at a time trying to collect the most treasure while avoiding creatures. Draw just one more card...we dare you!

Digital Demo | 2020 Rules

Hello, my name is Gregg. I have worked on many iterations of this game since 2014 (when I originally started the design for a contest). This is a quick, lite math-focused game for the family to be played on the go. Someone recently asked me for the updated files in one of the threads and it renewed my interest in the project. I went ahead and spent the last two days building a bare bones digital version of the game so that I can rapidly implement and play test new cards and effects.

Some differences in the digital version over its paper counterpart are:

  • I can dynamically update the point value and attack value on the cards as conditions are met.
  • I added some digital fluff (animations, status changes, messages, non-collectible cards, etc.)
  • Note: The web application is currently NOT optimized for mobile since I just made it. It's been tested and works best in Google Chrome on PC and the iPad (where my son plays it).

    Let me know what you think and if you have suggestions for new cards and effects!


    Still Lots o' Fun!

    I really enjoy this quick game. After a handful of plays today, I've added it to my "bookmarks" to visit while on coffee breaks for the day job. You've been able to create the same kind of tensions and temptations as Incan Gold (one of my personal favourite games) in a solitaire format.

    Nice work...! Pleased to see that it's won back some of your attention.

    Best of success with this, however far you choose to take it. :)

    Thanks! I will be adding some

    Thanks! I will be adding some "black border" beta cards to test as well.

    Map = Torch

    I saw that you'd changed the Map to the Torch in the past couple days. Intrigued to see what these beta cards might be...

    Booster Packs implemented

    Yes, the map's action felt more like a torch and the magic lamp feels more like the map to be honest. I may change magic lamp to map and change magic lamp to give you three choices.

    Note: You can toggle beta test cards with the button under the deck before starting the first level 1 dungeon. Then, you can choose to add beta test cards to the dungeon. The beta test cards persist between games until you choose to remove them from the dungeon.

    The first black border beta test card has been released!

    Cerberus and its 3 Golden Bones (valued at 1,2, & 3 points). Whenever you encounter Cerberus, flip 3 coins. It gains +1 attack value for each Heads result!

    If you include Cerberus, you have access to more treasure, but also a higher chance of being defeated by an extra creature in the dungeon!

    Wow Gregg... Really coming along with this GAME!

    Since you've already gone ahead with the concept of "Booster Packs"... I felt like it would be appropriate to share my idea (at this point in time).

    Aside, I know I often post on threads not really as per the OP ... But more as some extra IDEAS... So again, feel free to IGNORE my concept if you don't like it or if you have other plans... I really don't want to interfere with your creative process... It's just because I felt like this might be something worthwhile sharing. Ok so here I go.

    How about have Booster Packs of 10 Cards, 9 "white border" and 1 "black border" (Rare). This would cap the levels to 10 Cards max...

    But EACH Level is a NEW Booster. And therefore you ONLY need to keep track of 10 cards ... Which are different per booster pack. And your level and score can be the differentiating factors.

    I played the game and it's FUN.

    Note #1: You can make the Booster = 15 cards... For more of a challenge. Then you can have levels of rarity... Where the Monsters and the difficulty level you choose affect how the Booster gets randomized. Could be freaken awesome!

    Note #2: You can use the Player's Defense Level (Easy: 6, Mid: 5 or Hard: 4) and setup some rules concerning randomization.

    Like Easy (6) = 6 Loot, 5 Monsters, 3 Random and 1 Rare (black border).

    Where the Loot and Monsters are SEEDS and the Random and Rare are "randomized"... So at the minimum you would get 6 Loot and 5 Monsters. Anyways it's just concepts ... you can adapt and implement whatever methodology you prefer.

    But it's very cool... And I'm sure it's simple enough to explain to kids HOW to play!

    Note #3: Playing your game ACTUALLY INSPIRED me to focus more attention on "Monster Keep" (MK) and spend a couple of hours working on the cards for this revised edition. All this mention of "Boosters" had got me "excited" (What can I say I really enjoy 'cards' and card games)...

    MK will be made with Plastic Cards from Asia. But my prototype cards are throw away paper... Just to illustrate the concept and see how PLAYABLE the game really is.

    Thanks for inspiring me to continue my own design! Cheers.

    Note #4: And no MK is not using a booster sales format. Your game just reminded me that focusing on MK over the next few days could be a "nice" break from TW editing. I deserve a break every now and then... So I'm going to TRY to wrap up the Editing of the cards tonight and print the paper cards to place them in sleeves so that I can playtest MK and all it's "newer" glory.

    I'm planning to use the Magic: the Gathering Aftermarket Sales Format for MK. Basically I have setup a webstore and am planning to sell CARD SETS (each Monster is a SET) and you can figure out what Monsters you want to add to your nine (9) Monster Micro Deck.

    Prices will be per Monster set and will allow you IN-GAME to randomize your cards to maximize their abilities...

    Cerberus' Bone?

    So what are your plans for "Cerberus' Bone," if any? It appeared in level 5 of the dungeon, but so have Cerberus' Coins 1, 2, and 3. It's not mentioned in the booster announcement at the start of the game, either. Yet another Dungeon mystery... :)

    [edit]Ah! Never mind. I must have been playing when you were making your updates...!

    Booster Packs Clarification

    Yeah, last night I was lazy and just put up regular coins as "Cerberus's Coins". Then I planned to put a bone on the coin. Then, I decided to just make the treasure a literal golden bone as "Cerberus's Bone". I finally settled on the name "Golden Bone".

    The next beta test card has been released!

    The Potion of Power!
    Choose One: Don’t drink this item, or drink it (turn upside down) to draw another card and double its value.

    It's similar to the Bomb where it has its own risk/reward. It doubles the point/attack/defense value of the card it draws!

    "Booster Packs" may have been a bad phrase. These are more like additional beta test cards for possible later expansions OR to become part of the base set.

    Like the Torch is flavourful (in terms of theme+mechanic), but a fairly weak and straight forward (boring) item. I really like this one and may put it in the base set in place of or alongside the Torch.

    I think I may move the Magic

    I think I may move the Magic Lamp to a Treasure slot (worth no points but has same current power) and get rid of the plain Coin. Then, the Potion of Power would fill the Magic Lamp's Item gap of the base set.

    Edit: I did.

    Scores Are Climbing

    Seems like, with the additions you've made lately, scores have a tendency to inch higher (particularly in the case of lucky draws involving the Potion of Power). In a game which relies so heavily on luck, I think this is a good trend. You're keeping it in balance with the addition of bad luck (except when Cerberus ends up "chasing his own tail" it can be devastating), the draws made by the Snake Pit and Goblin, and the scaling effect of the Dragon.

    I also think classifying the Magic Lamp as a treasure was a good choice in this regard. Plain coins are just plain, and you already have plenty of them. If Scores were heading on a downward trend with all these changes I would suggest rewarding coins to the player if they Free the Genie, but it just doesn't seem necessary at this point.

    With the variable value of the treasures you've added recently, I think you tap into a player's greed and sense of risk in a great way. Scores go up as a reward for daring, and when bad luck does strike, it doesn't feel absolutely terrible, as gains can be made on a future floor or even a future game.

    I've played this almost exclusively solo, so the "beat your personal best" urge seems very strong. Coupled with its quick setup time, I think this game is fantastically well-done. :)

    The next set of beta test

    The next set of beta test cards I want to make is a choice to leave a card in play or shuffle back into deck. If you choose to shuffle back into the deck and you redraw it it has a powerful effect.

    (3 Attack) - Creature
    Choose One: Let this creature attack you, or shuffle it back into the deck.
    If you draw it again, double the attack value of all previous creatures in the dungeon!

    (3 Points) - Treasure
    Choose One: Keep this treasure, or shuffle it back into the deck.
    If you draw it again, double the point value of all previous treasure in the dungeon!

    May be too spikey but worth it. Not sure.


    Cake or Death?

    • Regarding the redraw monster: I don't think I'd ever choose the shuffle option for this, unless it instantly killed me when I drew it (which incidentally would likely be the same if it doubled the attack of all revealed monsters, anyway).

      How do you intend to track this in the analog version of the game? Some kind of "marked for death" token seems to be jarring to the form factor you've established, in my opinion. Maybe one way to do this is the Incan Gold/Diamante method: have two cards, and if the second is revealed before the player withdraws, the player is insta-killed.

    • Regarding the redraw treasure: doesn't seem like there's any downside to putting it back in the deck, unless it somehow takes away previously-collected treasure. Maybe it's a "Coin Collector" who steals all the player's coins, and they're set aside. The player must shuffle the Coin Collector back in the deck, then must draw the Coin Collector again in order to reclaim their stolen coins.

    Switching game name to

    Switching game name to Dungeon Dare (resonates more as a press-your-luck game) and slowly reworking rules and some naming conventions.

    Possible Bug - Online Demo

    This is difficult to replicate. But I have the impression something happens with the Goblin that doesn't allow the Bomb to destroy it when that particular combination comes out.

    Bomb -> Light Fuse -> Draw Goblin

    I had one life point remaining, and as soon as the Goblin appeared, the round ended.

    If I can replicate this again, I will surely let you know.

    Thanks! It's probably a bug


    It's probably a bug in the code since the bomb/trap/goblin have some wonky interactions. If you see that again hit F12 to look at your web browser's dev tools and go to the Console tab. It should say error on "dungeondare.js/line ###"

    If I know the line number, I can pinpoint bug.


    I have automatically redirected /dungeondraw to /dungeondare

    You will also see I got rid of the Torch and replaced it with Winged Boots - Whenever you would be defeated, escape the dungeon and score one of your treasures instead!

    A home variant I will incorporate into the digital game soon and will be in the final paper version is each player can search for two items to start with before shuffling the deck. Some cool combinations:

    Saboteur - Bomb / Trap
    Thief - Key / Winged Boots
    Warrior - Sword / Shield
    Alchemist - Potion / Bomb

    This will mean that you'd be able to use items at any time which is different than how I have them in the digital game now so expect some big changes soon.


    This new layout won't translate as easily to the digital platform due to the 3 rows but it allows for a lot more choices in the game of of when you want to use items. Things like the Bomb and Potion of Power aren't wasted like they can be now if you don't want to use early in a dungeon.

    Reworked Cards and Game Layout

    New optional step in player turn setup: Pick two items to enter the dungeon with.

    Some Hero Roles - Preconfigured Setup Item Combinations

    92 Points!

    Had my highest score ever just today. :)

    Question regarding the Potion of Power: does it increase the strength of the shield to +2 instead of +1? I've not seen that combination yet, but I wonder.

    Additionally, I can see mechanically why you permit this, but do you think the Potion of Power is a bit excessive regarding the Treasure Chest? As long as you have one of the pair revealed already, you gain 12 coins instead of 6. Even works if you reveal the Key after the Potion. Would there be a simple way on your end to nerf this? Or are you pleased with the outcome and I'm just nit-picking?

    Wow, nice dungeon run!Yes,

    Wow, nice dungeon run!

    Yes, it does increase the shield's defense value to 2.

    I coded Potion of Power to work like I assumed it would in the real game. Now, I happen to display live updates to card values online, but in reality you wouldn't calculate scores until the end of turn so you'd look at your treasures and the chest and key and say "ok, I got 6 points and the chest is boosted by the potion of power so it's worth 12 points!"

    Potion of Power is supposed to be that swingy risk/reward card, but if it feels a little too swingy, I need to reconsider how it works or a different power altogether.

    High Score Table

    I suppose it depends on how you intend for the game to be played. For example, I find the game exceptionally entertaining because I play it exclusively solo, like on a coffee break. I really enjoy Dungeon Dare, and it's primarily due to seeing how my personal best changes over time: through dumb luck, daring, foolhardiness, shrewdness and savvy play, or otherwise.

    However, if I were playing the game with one or more opponents, I could easily see myself feeling like it's completely dumb luck that their score is so much greater than mine, souring me to the experience. My gut tells me that the dynamics of a 1 vs. 1 game would amplify this effect, particularly regarding those with a heavy competitive urge.

    If it is in fact considered for competitive play, maybe major swings shouldn't be in the cards, so to speak. The illusion of control is tenuous at best, and as you admit "swinginess" is rampant. Maybe a 2-player match just isn't recommended for this game, and I'd suggest a 3-player match as the potential sweet spot for multiplayer. More rounds provide an opportunity for averages to emerge, but a low player count keeps game time trimmed to a snappy 30 minutes or so.

    Potion of Power + Winged Boots + Treasure Chest

    Found another potential bug that's difficult to replicate.

    Drank the Potion of Power, and then revealed a Treasure Chest. These were the first two cards I'd revealed, so the Treasure Chest was the Treasure card kept with the Winged Boots, which I revealed later. The Treasure Chest was also opened by the Key.

    I was defeated later that round, but the value of the Treasure Chest reverted to 6 gold instead of 12. Image here:

    Was also thinking about my previous comments about nerfing the Potion of Power... I suppose if players are concerned about dealing with drastic swings in a multiplayer game, one way to address it is to leave out the Potion of Power. If you feel like that's worthwhile, it may be useful to include as a suggestion in the rules for multiplayer games.

    Just One Of Those Days

    From bad, to worse, to even worse-er. :)

    Oof! That’s the only downside

    Oof! That’s the only downside of pure random games like this. I know other games address this with bad luck tokens or something but this game is so short and light.

    Incan Gold / Diamant

    I think it's part of the charm of this game, not a downside. I was sharing this because I had a good laugh out of it at the time. It comes with the territory, and when it comes with that territory, personally I like your game a lot. :)

    One of my favourite games these days, that I love to teach others to play - Incan Gold - is all about random swingy-ness. The only reason that game is considered positively is because players' winnings are concealed throughout the game. Otherwise, you could never legitimately extend that game to five rounds. :)

    It's a specific style of game you've created here (and with your more recent effort, Maverick) has a quick setup time and a quick, dramatic punch. The fact that it's solo means that I can play it anywhere and scratch that itch whenever I like.


    Just popped in to the dungeon for a bit of a look around, and I was reminded of this game's immense charm.

    I think the animations were a new addition since I played it last: the goblin jumping as it steals stuff, the player's choice of lighting the fuse of the bomb and the card that follows it disappearing... Real nice additions, Gregg!

    Thank you again for the kind

    Thank you again for the kind words!

    One TINY easter egg I added was a digital visualization of our own Magic Lamp house rule.

    The Magic Lamp is an item by default. But, if you choose to "Wish Genie Free", the Magic Lamp becomes a treasure worth 1 gold. No one really ever picks that option, but if somehow all treasure and items were gone from the deck, you could at least get 1 point out of setting the genie free.

    Genie Escape

    That is interesting to know. I often think about the option to "Set Genie Free" but if I've not collected all of what I consider "the essentials," then I opt for one of those instead of that option.

    I figured that was just a fail-safe option to prevent a hard-lock of the computerized version for when the player mistakenly keeps exploring after the treasures have all been claimed.

    If you want to stick with that house rule, then I'd suggest that the Lamp be worth the same as the Dragon Coin, or whichever Coin is worth 1 Gold per level. But that's kind of a nit-picky thing.

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