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In distribution!

I'm happy to say Heroes & Treasure is now being sold through Indie Press Revolution, which will help get it into game stores once there are game stores open again.. They sell online too, though.

Purveyors of fine role playing games for the discriminating adventurer.


First sale I'm sure of! I've

First sale I'm sure of!

I've been watching the available quantities, and someone just bought 4 Heroes & Treasure plus 2 of the Darkness & Light expansion, so that's definitely a store somewhere.


I'm very happy ATM. So congrats to you... And enjoy the NEW "Banner Ap"! Once I figured out where I needed to PUT the code, the rest was pretty easy to adapt the OLD code to the NEW version.

Cheers! And now since there are no more CACHING issues, I can feel confident that the banners will have the proper URLs... and display 100% correctly ALL-THE-TIME.


That is excellent news for you and Heroes & Treasure! Onward and upward. :)

Thanks! I am going to be a


I am going to be a bundle of nerves in June, with a tough Kickstarter (for an expansion, so limited audience) and a re-printing of my first game that I reeeeeeeaaally hope will continue to sell well and not leave me with 3 pallets of ballast.

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