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Resuming Production at The Game Crafter

Good news! We resumed basic operations at our production facility today. We will begin by getting all urgent orders out the door. Then we will proceed with working on all other orders in the sequence in which they were received. We’ve got quite the backlog thanks to all of our amazing customers, but we will work hard to get them out as quickly as possible.

How Can We Reopen?
We have received a letter from WEDC giving us permission to resume our production facilities in accordance with section 14 of the Executive Order. We are only opening in accordance with all state and local laws.

Our reopening has nothing to do with the Wisconsin Supreme Court decision that was handed down on May 13th. We would have been allowed to reopen in accordance with the Executive Orders issued by the Governor regardless of which way the Supreme Court order fell.

Will Staff Be Safe?
Our employee’s safety is our utmost concern; without them, The Game Crafter is simply an idea, not a business. We’re following all the advice of WEDC’s reopening guidelines for manufacturing and the CDC’s reopening guidelines. Here are just a few of the things we’re doing to keep our team and community safe:

* No one is required to work and no one will be fired for choosing not to work.
* All employees that can work from home will.
* We’re moving to a 7 day production week so that employees that have family obligations can choose to work weekends rather than weekdays if that helps them separate responsibilities with their family.
* Employees are asked not to come in to work if they feel ill.
* We’ll be monitoring employee temperature as well as physical signs of illness and sending them home if we detect anything wrong.
* We are providing free personal protective equipment to all staff and requiring its use to enter the building.
* Our manufacturing stations were already 6 feet apart, but we’ve rearranged portions of the factory to ensure even better social distancing. Our production facility is large enough so that each employee has about 1000 square feet to themselves. But even in the more densely populated areas each employee will have at minimum several hundred square feet of space to themselves at all times.
* We’ve entirely split our shifts so that they don’t overlap. And we’ve got separate clock-in/out areas with separate doors so that the people will not overcrowd an area at shift change.
* All stations, bathrooms, and break rooms will be sanitized before and after each use by the employees, and will also be sanitized by our janitorial staff multiple times per day.
* Every employee will have their own break room table to keep socially distanced even while on break.
* Our production area has industrial HEPA air filtration to remove particulates such as viruses from the air.
* We’re keeping Will Call shut down to reduce interactions with the general public.

What This Means For You
Your orders are getting produced once again. It will take us quite a while to ship all the orders that you have placed, but we will be working through them as quickly and as safely as we possibly can.

If you have an order at Will Call you will not be able to pick it up. You can contact customer service to arrange to have it shipped to you.

Estimated Ship Date
We cannot provide shipping estimates for the next 2-3 weeks. Our website normally provides an estimated ship date when you place an order. However, our production system cannot calculate shipping estimates until it has about 2 weeks worth of data. Therefore, our website or customer service team won’t be able to provide you with an estimated ship date for a couple weeks while we’re catching up.

Thank You
The staff is excited to get back to work. We all know that small businesses are struggling at this time. Thank you for your support, patronage, patience so far, and your continued patience as we work through our backlog.

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