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Board game design process

While I can hardly call me an amateur game designer I still am a Design professional, and what got me into the hobby is my interest in the design process itself.

I've started writing down some thoughts on the subject, taking my half-baked game as a reference to talk about how I do design and specially how I've adapted my design process for boargames.

I hope it is of use for some of you, at least to get you to think about your own process and what tools and methods do you use and which one could you incorporate.

Here are the links:

Lesson 1: Learn your stuff

Lesson 2: Synthesizing information

Lesson 3: Defining the game and its scope

There are more to come but there's still a lot to unpack for the next articles.

I'd love for this to become a debate rather a one way exposition. It'd be amazing to hear your thoughts, your process and ideas.

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